• Delight your customers

    Want to turn your customers into raving fans of your Web Hosting business? The simplest way we know is to be there for them, when they need help. And then do whatever it takes to make sure they leave happy.

    What sounds simple is incredibly difficult to achieve. You need a 24/7 support team that is expert in your server configurations, has the ability to handle emergencies with lightning speed and help customers achieve what they want from their online businesses. This is what Bobcares does.

    Bobcares provides 24/7 outsourced hosting support on Linux and Windows servers for web hosts and data centers of all sizes.

    Help Desk Support
    • Guaranteed resolution in 6 hours.
    • 97% requests are resolved within 1 hour.
    Phone Support
    • Delivered from our Phoenix, AZ and Germany office.
    • Handles basic hosting troubleshooting and pre-sales.
    Server Management
    • 24/7 server monitoring with proactive support.
    • Initial server hardening & optimization.
    Dedicated Support
    • 24/7 staff dedicated only to your company.
    • Unlimited help desk, live chat and server management.

Customizable, scalable and transparent support

Run it the way you want it

Set your support process on autopilot, or take the control stick once in a while. Let Bobcares make the support decisions, or spell out how exactly you want it. With Bobcares, there are no hard set rules. Your customers are cared for just the way you envision it.

See how you remain in control of support

Support that scales with you

We are passionate about hosting technology and customer support. So, no matter if you are a startup reseller, or a multi-NOC data center, we are geared to drive your success. Your support seamlessly grows to meet the increased demands from your growing business.

See how scaling up is easy with us

Wide range of technologies covered

While cPanel technical support, Plesk technical support, or Linux server support are the more common hosting technical support requirements, our outsourced server support covers any operating system, control panel, or managed hardware device in the web hosting industry.

Check out the common technologies we support

White label support

While your customers benefit from world class support, they see YOU and your team - not Bobcares. Our support is completely transparent, that adopts your style of functioning, and seamlessly works with your inhouse teams.

Learn how we ensure transparent support

Fast, reliable and convenient service

  • Convenient support channels

    Support channel preference varies from one customer to another. Our outsourced web hosting support is available 24/7 on phone, live chat and email, so that your customers get personalized, expert and friendly support in a channel convenient to them.

    Pick and choose your support channels

  • Lightning fast response and resolution

    The sure-fire way to ensure customer delight is to give blazing fast support. Our team of qualified engineers immediately locate the issue source, and fix it pronto. 97% of tickets get resolved within the first 60 minutes - with an average response time of 23 minutes.

    See our response and resolution time guarantees

  • Rock solid servers, stable services

    In our outsourced server support, we investigate each anomalous event in your server, leading to a performance tweak or a security patch.
    The result? Services that are always available, and sites that are always secure.

    Protect your server through proactive server management

The Bobcares difference

Unrivaled expertise

Our support teams include only computer science engineers proficient in operating systems and networks. So, no matter how complex your server technology is, or how uncommon a customer request maybe, we take care of it.

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Independently certified quality and security

"Bobcares lives up to the high standards set by ISO 9001:2008 for quality of support, and ISO 27001:2013 for the security of its customer data." This is not our word - It is certified by independent auditors from British Standards Institution and Intertek.

See how ISO 9001:2008 certification benefits you

Diligent quality assurance

A specialized quality assurance team monitors and provides feedback on each minute aspect of how support is delivered. Customer experience in our outsourced web hosting support is continually improved to make our quality unmatched in the industry.

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