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Each website is a 24x7 business, that depends on uptime to survive. We're here to help businesses survive.

Bobcares has been synonymous with Customer Support and Services to Web Hosts since 1999. At this point, Bobcares directly manages over 3.5 million websites around the world, provides Linux and Windows administration services, and develops software for our clients. Bobcares engineers are passionate about their customers and work on a daily basis to provide unmatched service to website owners.

Bobcares engineers

The combined expertise of 300 engineers, makes for a formidable talent pool.

Bobcares engineers work on complex issues on servers to reduce downtime, improve performance and help Web Hosts reduce their support costs. The team consists of Computer and Electronics Engineers with years of experience in the Web Hosting industry. Bobcares hires local technical talent for its operations in India and United States. We believe that if we built a company that was a great place to work, we would be able to attract great talent. And if we had great talent, any service we sold would delight our customers.


India Office

The Bobcares Facility in Cochin, India is equipped with improved Redundant Bandwidth and an advanced network. For uninterrupted power, Bobcares has invested in Backup generators for the entire facility and additional UPS for additional protection.

The entire facility and infrastructure is 100% owned by Poornam(parent company of Bobcares) and is not shared with other companies.

-12,800 sq. ft. office facility, owned by Poornam.

 -Located in Kakanad, Cochin the Bandwidth hub of India.

-250KVA Generator backup for smooth 24x7 power. The entire network is also backed up with APC UPS.

 -Gigabit LAN network and CAT6 cabling for networking over 200 workstations.

 -Hitachi Chiller air-conditioning systems for 24x7 optimal working environment.

 -Redundant radio links and under ground leased lines for 24x7 Internet connectivity.

 -The facilities and capacity is not shared with other companies.

US Office

The Bobcares US Facility is located in a Class A data-center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The entire facility is connected via four gigabit connections to our provider.

Our US based staff work round the clock to provide Level 1 support via phone to WebHosting and Datacenter customers


Amarjyoti Krishnan

Managing Director, HOD Dev and Tech

Sangeetha Naik

HOD Establishment & Marketing

Tobby Davasia Kollemmalil

Member, Executive Group

Lijoe Antony Chakiath

Member, Executive Group

Sojish Krishnan

Member, Executive Group

Agni Soonu

Member, Executive Group

Blessen Cherian

Member, Executive Group

Noble Joshy

Member, Executive Group

Reeshma Mathews

Management Representative

Tharun M

Quality Manager)

Vishnu Ram V

Information Security Manager
Member, Technical Innovation Group

Hamish O L

Member, Technical Innovation Group

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