• How to fix frequent connection timed out errors due to cPanel firewall issues

    As we explained in a previous post, help desk support services at Bobcares has been able to prevent recurring instances of customer IP address blocks in cPanel servers through continual server maintenance. While Config Server Firewall (CSF) and Login Failure Daemon (LFD) are great for securing cPanel shared hosting servers, their default settings can cause IPs of valid users to be blocked. The only way to prevent such service downtimes is to constantly update your firewall settings based on changing mail and web traffic patterns in the server.

    In this post, we will go through Bobcares best practices on initial firewall setup and continual maintenance. Continue reading

  • Is cPanel firewall issues causing frequent service downtimes? Here's how you can protect your hosting business

    If you have cPanel shared hosting servers, chances are that you will be using Config Server Firewall (CSF) and Login Failure Daemon (LFD) firewall to secure your server. While they provide great out of the box security, it's default settings can cause Connection Timed Out errors for your customers, which are usually reported as web, email, FTP or control panel down times. Repeated occurrences of service unavailability quickly leads to poor service reputation, and account cancellations.

    Faced with such a situation, most web hosts get a server administrator to do a one time firewall optimization, and believe their servers are immune to firewall issues. However, this is not true. Continue reading

  • Shared hosting support - Top five best practices to reduce customer complaints

    In a previous post we covered top 10 tips to make shared hosting a success. In this post, we will look into the top 5 queries commonly posted by shared hosting customers, and the best practices to resolve them.


    Top 5 Best Practices in Helpdesk support


    1. This is all new to me. Help me!


    Issue : Based on our experience, the majority of tickets are posted by web masters who are new to your systems. It could be from those who have started hosting just now, or from someone who transferred in from another web host. Your systems, however user friendly they might be, would still be alien to a new web master. Continue reading

  • Blocking spoofed mails going out of your cPanel/WHM web hosting server

    As a company that proactively manages web hosting servers, we do regular security audits on them. One of the recurring issues we have seen with un-managed servers is loss of server reputation, and service up-time through outbound spam mails.

    To combat spam, the first step is finding a common pattern that is common to the majority of those spams. A quick accounting showed that up to 76% of outgoing spam mails are spoofed. Spoofing is where the mail headers are manipulated to appear as if the mail comes from some other domain. So, blocking spoofed mails will instantly prevent 3/4th of the outbound spam mails.

    Continue reading

  • World Environment Day 2014 at Bobcares

    World Environment Day was observed with much fanfare today at Bobcares Cochin campus. This is the 4th consecutive year WED is observed at Bobcares. To mark the occassion, tree saplings were planted in the campus by our latest batch of tech support engineers.

    One of the engineers, Twinkle Shaji, who planted a sapling said, "We usually read about Environment Day and forget about it as new priorities comes up. I'm really happy to have taken an active role in the events today, and for sure I'll carry the message of energy conservation to all my friends and family."

    World Environment Day Bobcares 2014

    Continue reading

  • Bobcares presents the Power Pack Support bundle at HostingCon 2014

    For the second year in a row, Bobcares is bringing you the Power Pack Support bundle to give a boost to your hosting business. This support bundle, worth $40,000, is a part of the Premium Service Provider Package, which is an innovative give away package created in partnership with SpamExperts.


    Bobcares Power Pack Support bundle HostingCon 2014

    Continue reading

  • Bobcares at HostingCon 2014, June 16-18 | Miami Beach, Florida

    Do you feel the heat yet? :)

    Yes, the most popular conference in web hosting industry is just around the corner.

    Bobcares at HostingCon 2104 Continue reading

  • Cloud like capabilities in Managed Services - How support was rapidly scaled up in response to heart bleed bug

    Its a fine week end, and internal training sessions are on in full swing, here at Bobcares head quarters. Today's hot topic is cloud server administration.

    The trainer today drew an interesting parallel between a cloud server and Bobcares managed services. He explained how both cloud and Bobcares have the ability to effortlessly scale up their capabilities in response to a sudden spike in requirements. While a cloud server can bank on the excess resources available at its disposal, Bobcares can dip into the excess talent pool we always have at our disposal.
    Continue reading

  • Bobcares Hosting Tip : Maintain a news area in your hosting support desk

    It might seem simple, but not many web hosts realize the good sense in maintaining a news area.

    Along with giving you a great way to show case your updates to the servers, and innovations in the business, you can reduce the number of trouble tickets during a downtime by pro-actively advising the clients on ETA to service restoration, and efforts being taken for the same.

    bobcares hosting tip 4 - news area

    Continue reading

  • 24/7 hosting support : Does your web hosting business need it?

    As a company specializing in outsourced support, we keep track of ticket flow trends. A metric that often attracts special attention of web hosts is the volume of tickets generated in non-business-hours. A concern sometimes posted by new web hosts is the necessity of a full 24/7 hosting support. Is it really required? Can't the tickets wait till morning when the staff gets back to office?

    The answer in short is, you DO need a 24/7 hosting support desk, and here is why.

    24x7 web hosting support from Bobcares

    Continue reading

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