VPS is a great shared hosting platform as it offers the option to scale up the resources as the number of customers grow. However, it brings its own set of issues, mainly due to resource abuse. Support tickets due to memory un-availability, disk space saturation, network splits, etc. are common in a VPS environment. Through 24/7 lightning fast, expert assistance, Bobcares keep your servers stable, and customers happy.

VPS support plans comparison

10 issues/VPS/month
60 accounts
24/7 availability
Advanced technical support
Security hardening : $40
40 issues/VPS/month
200 accounts
24/7 availability
Advanced technical support
Security hardening – FREE
125 issues/VPS/month
500 accounts
24/7 availability
Advanced technical support
Security hardening – FREE

As low as: $40.00

$0.00 /VPS/month
$25.00 Setup Fee

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  • 24x7 availability

    Lights are always on at Bobcares. Be it a holiday, a weekend or the middle of the night, we are always here to take care of your business. If adequate support coverage is not provided, a variety of incidents can affect your reputation. Eg: A abusive account causing server-wide memory outage errors, a server load spike that causes sites to be sluggish, etc. But not to worry, we have you covered.

  • Quick response and resolution

    Our support engineers resolve issues in the shortest possible time. This gives us the confidence to offer a 1 hour response and a 6 hour resolution money back guarantee for all VPS hosting support queries. These timeliness requirements have been so deeply ingrained in our support culture that 97% of tickets actually get resolved within the first 60 minutes - with an average response time of 23 minutes.

  • White label support

    Support at Bobcares is fully transparent. All customer support queries are routed through your help desk. To achieve total integration with your support style, all replies to customers are enclosed with your company's greetings. Bobcares attempts to actively blend with your company's image and style of functioning, rather than impose a separate style of functioning on your customers.

  • Liaison with upstream provider

    Some issues like VPS mount errors, network issues, disk errors, etc. require node level access for service restoration and troubleshooting. We act as your team member, and interact with the VPS hosting provider regarding the details of these issues. By providing you with an executive summary, we enable you to take quick decisions, while helping you stay out of the nitty-gritty technical details.

  • Advanced technical support

    While the majority of issues in a VPS has known solutions, some issues like web or database server crashes, upgrade errors, connection issues, etc require expert investigation. By working at the operating system level, using process tracking, and log analysis, Bobcares engineers gets to the bottom of an issue in the shortest possible time, thereby minimizing downtime of critical services.

  • Security audit and hardening

    Vulnerable server software, unsecured services, un-restricted ports, unsecure authentication policies, etc. are the top exploited channels by which hackers gain access to critical data of customers in a VPS. Through a detailed security audit, we identify all vulnerable attack channels. Through layered security implementation, the VPS is secured, and alerts are setup to notify of suspicious events.

How we work

bobcares how we work

  • Customer sends an email to support@yourcompany.com which gets forwarded to your ticketing system.
  • A notification e-mail from your ticketing software triggers an alarm in Bobcares internal system.
  • Within an hour, the Engineer in your team responds to your ticket, if it can't be resolved straight away.
  • All tickets are resolved within 6 hours. In most cases, resolutions happen within 90 minutes.
  • All responses and resolutions are made via your ticketing system to ensure transparency. Should any sales queries come in, Bobcares engineers will escalate these to you or your designated sales staff, in cases where the team cannot handle it.
  • Bobcares Quality Manager and a team of Quality Analysts check through hundreds of tickets every month to make sure that all tickets follow our Minimum Quality Standards.

Supported technologies

Virtualization technologies

  • KVM

  • Xen

  • OpenVZ

  • QEMU

  • Hyper-V

  • Parallels Cloud Server

  • Parallels Virtuozzo

  • VMWare

Control panel technologies

  • zPanel

  • Interworx

  • Webmin

  • Hosting Controller

  • Virtualmin

  • Direct Admin

  • Plesk

  • cPanel

  • ISPManager


Common VPS support issues

Given below are a few of the common support requests we receive from a shared hosting environment run from a VPS.

Server wide issues

  • Sluggish service response due to high load in node
  • VPS going into mounted state due to high load in node
  • Out of memory errors causing websites and mail to fail
  • inode limit error causing web and mail services to fail
  • Disk space exceeded errors causing mail and database errors

Account level issues

Common DNS Issues

  • Domain parking issues
  • Modifying MX. A and CNAME records for domain Zones
  • Adding/Correcting SPF/DKIM records
  • Correcting Domain Name resolution problems
  • RDNS configuration

Common Webserver Issues

  • .htaccess errors
  • Directory password protection issues
  • Mime types configuration issues
  • URL blocking and redirection issues
  • SSL certificates installation assistance
  • Apache rewrite rules troubleshooting
  • Frame re-directs and server alias for domain pointing

Common Mail Issues

  • Desktop mail client configuration assistance
  • Mobile mail configuration assistance
  • SMTP port block issues
  • SMTP authentication issues
  • Anti-spam configuration assistance
  • Spam filter training for valid mails
  • POP-before-SMTP and relay denied issues
  • Contact forms configuration to send mails
  • Mailing list management issues
  • Mail quota management issues
  • Auto-responder configuration assistance
  • Webmail maintenance assistance

Common FTP Issues

  • Assistance in using anonymous FTP
  • FTP client configuration issues

Common Database Issues

  • Connectivity issues from CGI scripts
  • Allowing or denying grant permissions from local or remote locations
  • Database restores and permissions fixing
  • Database corrupted table repair

CGI Issues

  • CGI file permissions issues
  • Resolving internal server errors
  • Form to mail problems
  • CGI web application configuration assistance

Firewall Configuration Issues

  • Delisting erroneously blacklisted client IPs
  • Finding root cause to prevent future black lsiting

Reseller issues

  • Enabling / disabling / customising reseller account privileges
  • Resold accounts' ownership issues

IP issues

  • Addition / deletion of IP addresses in the server.
  • Issues related to dedicated IP assignments to domains
  • Manual correction of IP aliases.

Task Scheduling issues

  • Setting up cron jobs to schedule execution of scripts / other tasks
  • Setting up scheduled jobs' execution reports to be mailed to users.

Logs and Statistics Issues

  • User specific raw logs issues
  • Log size control
  • Stats not updating issues

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I carry over un-used number of tickets to the next month?

2. Do you start the billing cycle from the first of every month?

3. Will you do server upgrades and proactive maintenance?

4. Will you be able to support XYZ technology?

5. I don't get much support tickets from two of my VPS. Can I use their ticket quota on another VPS?

6. How do you track which all accounts you support? How do I add additional accounts to be supported?

7. Can I add additional VPS to my plan later on?

8. How can I add additional tickets to my plan?

9. How do you ensure high quality work?

10. How do you ensure security for my confidential information?

Service caveats

1. We give urgent priority to security issues like hacking and spamming. We put an immediate end to the malicious activity and block the attack path. We also advice the client on how to keep the account secure. However, a full blown security hardening to prevent future such attacks is not covered under a separate plan - Server Hardening.

Additional Information

Response Time One hour
Setup fee $25.00

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