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The customer is the center of any business. Lightning quick support that treats its customer well, is the only way to maintain a happy customer base that spreads the word around and grow your business. But how can you compete with large businesses that already have well entrenched 24×7 support system? Well, that’s where we come in.

Bobcares uses your helpdesk system to support your end customers, helping you maintain a 24/7, responsive and expert support channel. 97% of tickets we handle are resolved within the first 60 minutes – with an average response time of 23 minutes.

24/7 emergency administration

We maintain service uptime/quality by promptly restoring failed services, mitigating server load, fixing security issues, etc.

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Service configuration assistance

With detailed step-by-step assistance, we help account owners setup or troubleshoot their online services .

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Service performance assistance

When a performance issue is reported, we quickly find the bottle neck, and restore the service quality.

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Account security assistance

We help account owners quickly recover from an attack, and restore domain reputation.

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Crash recovery assistance

We assist account owners restore lost data through database repairs, mail box repairs, backup restores, etc.

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Account setup and migration

We help new account owners quickly setup their services by providing detailed step-by-step assistance.

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Wide range of expertise

We support all popular operating systems, control panels and billing software, like cPanel/WHM, Odin Plesk, WHMCS, etc.

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First contact resolution (FCR)

We aim to resolve all issues with the first response, and our team consistently achieve an FCR of 75%.

Quick response and resolution

We resolve 97% of tickets within the first 60 minutes – with an average response time of 23 minutes.

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Account subscription support

We help your customers renew their services, upgrade their accounts, and help them choose the right service features.

Pre-sales support

We learn all aspects of your business so that every potential customer gets a clear answer for their pre-sales queries.

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