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*Statistics based on 68,000 tickets in the month of June 2014.

While a large number of support issues could be resolved by any support technician, the rest always require expert intervention. Such issues can occur anytime, and an external expert may not be available at that time, resulting in significant delays that impact your customers. In contrast, a team of qualified engineers within your help desk support team can pro-actively avoid any such crisis from happening, and even if it happens, can quickly fix the issue with the inside knowledge they have about your servers. Bobcares gives you a team of engineers who can immediately intervene on any support issue regardless of the hour of the day.

Bobcares employs only computer science engineers who are Linux and Windows sever administrators, and know the intricacies of operating systems and networks. This allows our team to resolve critical issues without having to depend on an external expert, delivering on-time support and high availability to your customers

We take total ownership of your help desk, enabling you to focus on growing your customer base. Our commitment is to give you 100% white labeled support, ensure 24/7 availability, and provide quick and thorough assistance to your customers.

Common shared server issues you no longer have to worry about

Control Panel issues

Control panel login issues

Control panel login issues are the most common type of support requests posted by domain owners. It can happen due to client IP blocks, loss of login details, not using the right login URL, or account suspensions. Quick resolution of control panel login issues is possible by using well defined troubleshooting steps, and detailed instructions for the account owner on how to avoid such issues in future.

Disk quota issues

Disk quota issues form a significant percentage of support requests posted by domain owners. The cause of such tickets include users not monitoring disk usage while uploading contents, not clearing old and trashed data, corruption of quota table, etc. Our techs quickly resolve disk quota issues by using handy scripts to locate the top usage contents, and providing detailed step by step instructions to the account owner to resolve, and avoid such issues in future.

Control panel features configuration

Control panel features configuration includes those tickets which requests assistance in using features available in the control panel. For example, user might need assistance in one-touch installation, enabling modules via the control panel, configuring backup, managing databases, cron job configuration, etc. Quick resolutions to control panel features configuration type tickets require identification the top trending requests, creating detailed instructions, and quickly customizing the instructions to meet the customer's requirements.

Backup management issues

Backup management issues include requests from customers to either restore the full account from backup, or partially restore email, databases or site files from backup. Resolution of backup management issues involve following established check lists to locate any errors in the backup restore process, finding the latest available backup data, and restoring the requested data into the account. Further, with the help of detailed email templates techs educate the customers on how to restore the backups themselves using their account.

Shared hosting help desk support plans

  • Unlimited Help Desk Support Plan - For 24/7 support

    $200.00 /server/month
    $25.00 Setup Fee
    As low as: $179.00

    So, you have established your business, and are now focused on rapid growth. Bobcares can be a perfect partner for your growth phase. While you keep adding new clients and new servers, we can take care of your customers with our commitment to support unlimited tickets per server. With fully white labeled and quick support, your customers will know they have made the right choice in signing up with you.

  • Sleepwell plan - For night time support

    $135.00 /server/month
    $25.00 Setup Fee

    Web hosting is a competitive market, and we know that, irrespective of the time of the day, you feel compelled to take that support call. With Bobcares taking care of your night time support, you no longer have to spend sleepless nights, or miss your kid's school game. Let us know when you want us to step in, and we will keep your customers happy.

  • Startup plan - For shared hosting startups

    $100.00 /server/month
    $25.00 Setup Fee

    We understand the pains of establishing a business. We know all about those un-certainties, trade-offs, and above all, the shoe-string budget that you run on. We want you to grow big, and that is why we have created this plan for you. We give you high quality support at a discounted price, for those critical first 100 customers who forms the foundation of your business.

  • Reseller plan - For shared hosting resellers

    $2.00 /hosting account per month
    $25.00 Setup Fee

    In reseller web hosting, customers can be attracted by a feature rich control panel, competitive value added services, etc. But it is only through consistent high quality support that customer loyalty can be achieved. Bobcares provides this critical capability in reseller web hosting, so that you can focus on growing your business, and not spend your time fire fighting support issues.

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