Server Management

Studies on 150+ shared hosts show that account cancellations increase exponentially for each additional hour of server downtime. Resource abuse, hacking and spamming are the primary causes of service downtimes, and no serious business can afford such service disruptions. To remain competitive, web hosts need stable servers and a responsive server administration team to quickly react to any service downtimes.

Server management services from Bobcares helps you recover quickly from a service downtime, and hardens your server to pre-empt such issues in future. We ensure minimal disruption to your customers, and deliver high uptime through our pro-active optimization of your servers.

Our server management services include 24/7 monitoring, emergency assistance, need based server administration and pro-active server management.

Common server administration tasks resolved by Bobcares

Server/Software Setup

OS installation and configuration

It is important to get the initial configuration of the server right, as any later changes has the potential to break someone's website. We maintain a list of ideal settings for all popular web hosting operating systems like CentOS, RedHat, Windows, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, etc. Referring this list, we create an ideal hosting environment based on the specific requirements of the customer.

Control panel setup and configuration

Control panel setup requests are usually submitted when special requirements need to be met. Some common requests are setting up of DNS cluster, centralized login, integration to central mail server, etc. Based on our "under the hood" knowledge of how the control panels work, we create a server configuration which meets the specific requirements of the web host.

Web application installation and configuration

Based on business requirements, web applications may need to be custom configured, or integrated with modules developed inhouse. Our server administration team works with our development team to deliver the best possible solution to such requirements. Some of the common requests include web applications like WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS, Drupal, etc.

Proactive Server Administration

$74.99 /server

Service reputation is largely dependent on how stable your servers are. Pro-active Server Administration from Bobcares monitors your servers 24/7, and through periodic audits, optimizes and hardens your servers, ensuring super reliable web and mail services for your customers. The following are covered in this service:

  • 24x7 server monitoring
  • Securing web, database and mail services
  • Optimizing web, database and mail services
  • Firewall configuration and tweaking
  • Security software configuration
  • Kernel patches and server upgrades
  • Backup configuration and maintenance
  • Routine vulnerability audit of domains
  • Emergency response
  • Disaster recovery

Server Abuse Handling

  • Spam Killer $70.00 /server

    Outbound and inbound bulk spamming can quickly bring down your service reputation. With the Spam Killer package, we immediately stop the spamming, identify how spammers are exploiting your server, and hardens your server against all kinds of spam exploits.

  • Server Hardening $100.00 /server

    Are your servers reported for outbound attacks? Are your customer websites frequently reported for malware content? In the Server Hardening package, we locate the server vulnerabilities through a security audit, and hardens your server against all vulnerabilities.

  • DoS Mitigation $70.00 /server

    Denial of Service attacks cause service downtime, and results in loss of customer confidence. In our DoS mitigation service, we put an immediate stop on any ongoing DoS attacks, and hardens your web server to fend off such attacks in future.

Server Optimization

$80.00 /server

Customers expect fast servers regardless of the type of hosting they subscribe to. A growing customer base, and increased number of features can sometimes affect server performance. With the Server Optimization service, we identify the performance bottlenecks in your server, and optimize the services to ensure flawless service for your customers. The following are covered in this service:

    Root cause identification
  • Web server performance benchmarking
  • Database performance analysis
  • Firewall benchmarking
  • Mail server performance analysis
  • RAM, I/O, CPU bottleneck analysis
    Hardening and prevention
  • Web server optimization
  • Database server optimization
  • Firewall tweaking
  • Mail server optimization
  • Hardware upgrade consultation

Server Administration

To remain competitive, a web host often needs to add new features, update the servers and continually optimize the services. To avoid any disruption to services, it has to be done just the right way the first time. With the experience of managing over 75,000 servers over the past 14 years, Bobcares takes care of server administration requirements in all hosting platforms.

Whether you require a one time server administration, or have a predictable need for regular server administration tasks, we can fit right in to meet those requirements.

  • One time server administration
    As low as $30 /hour

  • Reccuring server administration
    As low as $15 /hour

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