Testing Services

Software Testing services of Bobcares, helps you avert the inherent risks in deploying a software that hasn’t been tested adequately. We help you ensure your applications work as per specifications across multiple platforms, browsers and technologies.
Our Pay Per Project and Pay Per Tester pricing models help you select a delivery model that suits your pocket!

Web Application Testing
Testing results of a web application/website has vital information for you and your developers.
A typical test result of an e-Commerce website is portrayed below :
Functionality Testing guarantees perfect behaviour of all features of your application. No room for "a broken application".
Performance Testing helps avoid business risks related to speed, stability and scalability of your application.
Security Testing helps identify security flaws in software applications. Our Security testing experts possess that "Out of the Box" thinking for detailed security analysis.

Specialized Testing Services

Our team also performs specialized testing services for a few common web applications and websites such as :
  • e-Commerce Sites
  • Facebook Applications
  • Web Hosting Sites
  • Web Hosting Control Panels
  • Community & Social Networking Sites
  • Audio/Video streaming Sites
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