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Setting up AWS for HTTP/2 support

As per recent statistics, websites adopting HTTP/2 protocol are rapidly increasing and around 68% of HTTPS traffic is now attributed to HTTP/2. HTTP/2 uses techniques to minimize the number of connections and proactively serve page resources to improve site speed and...

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Docker container logs for quick troubleshooting

Docker enables easy deployment of applications inside containers and this makes it popular in hosting and development businesses. But proper management of the Docker system is essential to reap the benefits of this infrastructure setup. A Docker container that always...

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How to ensure persistent Docker storage using data volumes

Docker containers are aimed at creating and managing application environments that can be deployed in the matter of a few seconds. Containers are usually created for temporary purposes, depending on its business application. When a container's application purpose is...

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6 ways to spot the best server administration services

In web hosting business, server uptime and speed are the crucial aspects that determine the success of a provider. Signing up for a server administration service usually happens simultaneous to starting a hosting business. But if your server management company fails...

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WordPress mirror – Your insurance against server failures

A server failure often comes unexpected. DOS attacks, network connectivity problems, hard disk crashes, etc. can lead to websites being inaccessible, causing business downtime. In WordPress hosting, customers expect high uptime for their sites. We help VPS/server...

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Proven tips to speed up WordPress site by 40%

When the 2009 Google research revealed that 'speed' matters the most in internet browsing, it didn't come as a surprise at all. Online visitors are usually averse to slow websites, and often prefer switching to faster websites for business. Nothing sabotages an online...

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Top 5 reasons to use Live Chat for customer support

Suppose your server is down. What would you do? Would you rather email the support team and keep checking your mails or contact their live chat for instant updates? Surveys show that customers prefer live chat over other phone or email. Here we'll see the 5 major...

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