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How to fix ‘503 service unavailable error’ in your websites

In our role as Server administration specialists for server owners, website errors are a commonly encountered issue that we resolve for them.

‘503 service unavailable error’ is one such website error. Recently, we were contacted by a Docker hosting provider who was getting this error in his website.


Apache slow? Boost your web server performance in 3 steps

Is your website fast enough? Majority visitors abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load. Slow websites lead to business loss, and that’s when server owners get panicky.

Among the various web servers available, Apache still holds a major market share. In our server administration services, we often get requests from server owners who complain about Apache slowness. (more…)

How to resolve “Resource temporarily unavailable” error in SSH for cPanel servers

Here at Bobcares, we provide Server Administration and Maintenance services to cPanel/WHM server owners.

An error we sometimes see in cPanel servers while trying to SSH is : “Resource temporarily unavailable.”

This error is usually accompanied by the error ‘too many processes’, while trying to do ‘sudo su -‘ command, which is used to elevate the privileges of a wheel user to that of a root user. (more…)

How to fix Amazon AWS EC2 Connection timed out error in SMTP

Here at Bobcares, we provide Server Administration and Maintenance services to AWS account owners.

An error we sometimes see in Amazon EC2 instances is : Connection timed out error in SMTP

This is usually caused due to various reasons such as mail server security restrictions, network routing issues or even port blocks at ISP or AWS levels.


3 ways how phone support outsourcing improves customer retention

Customers need instant gratification. And the best way to provide it, is via phone.

But often, hosting providers get apprehensive about providing it, due to the cost and the overhead involved in the process. That’s where phone support outsourcing helps your business.


3 reasons to outsource your hosting support

Outsourcing has always been a matter of debate for hosting companies. Should I outsource hosting support? How to choose the best support provider? How can I get the best out of it?

Hosting providers often reflect through many such questions, when it comes to outsourcing. Let’s have a look at the three main reasons why you should outsource your hosting tech support. (more…)

How to speed up your website by 50%

Google hates websites that takes over 200 ms to load. The end result? A huge drop in your page rank and visitors abandoning your websites.

How to speed up your website?

If you notice website slowness, act quickly before Google acts. Here’s our tried-and-tested 10 point checklist to speed up your website in no time. (more…)

How to choose the best server management company – 7 point checklist

Server management companies are a dime a dozen, and everyone seems to promise the Earth for dirt cheap prices.

How do you know which ones to trust?

Here’s help. Follow this tried-and-tested 7 point checklist to find out the best server management company for your business.


4-point checklist to update Centos 6 kernel with minimal server downtime

In our Server administration services, we perform a wide range of tasks from server hardening to service optimization. Kernel updates are vital in our services, especially in scenarios where a vulnerability or exploit make the servers susceptible to hacks.

We perform kernel updates in all Linux flavours, and the procedure varies with the type of the OS installed in the server and its version. If not done with proper planning and caution, a kernel update can mess up with your server.


How to update WordPress version without website downtime

Are you a WordPress website owner? You’d have come across this notification in your WordPress admin dashboard atleast once – ‘An updated version of WordPress is available.’

WordPress is the most popular CMS and they often releases updates to their software, with feature updates or security patches. You’d also find an ‘Update Now’ button in the dashboard to update WordPress version in a click. (more…)

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