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24/7 hosting support – Here’s how you can stand out from the crowd

A decade back, 24/7 hosting support was considered a premium service offered by large web hosts. Not anymore. Now almost everyone seems to offer 24/7 hosting support. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Maintaining 24/7 hosting support can be costly, AND it can be a huge drain on management time. That is why many companies cut corners and provide only email support, or use cheap support to keep costs down.

But this often creates more problems that it solves.


Code Green : Story of how Bobcares has gone Green

Here I will narrate what has recently happened in Bobcares office. I could see that Bobcares is on the path to go Green. I am so excited to share our achievements with you. I am sure this will be an inspiration to each and every one of you who read the blog.

The recent ideas that we have implemented towards the initiative are Rain water harvesting project, Waste water treatment plant, Food waste for Cooking gas project and will shortly complete a Water recycling system.

The Comfort Zone

Every organization goes through what is known as ‘the comfort zone’. Everyday, we are in a rush to achieve goals and set targets accordingly. And what happens when we reach this target? We hit a plateau of relaxation. The state where nothing gives results inspite of the fact that we are doing everything perfectly.

The end result is usually frustration, which is followed by an inner voice that tells you that you have reached your limits and that it’s time to slow down now. “Why take additional headaches?” is what you will start thinking, and sooner or later, a negative spiral begins. In the end, the result will be disappointment.


Bobcares Introduces Call Recording Feature For Phone Support Plan

Bobcares, a global leader in providing professional 24/7 Technical Support and Server Management, Software Development and Phone Support services to ISPs, Web Hosts and Data Centers announces a brand new phone support feature, which will take service transparency to a higher level.

The Bobcares phone portal enables Web Hosts to view detailed log entries stored during each phone call. As a measure of reinforcing their commitment to quality phone support services, the Bobcares phone support portal now enables Web Hosts to stream audio and monitor calls.


Managing in Times of Recession

Ever since the recession has struck the World, one of the most pragmatic question in everyone’s life is, “How is it going to affect me?

We have had this question come from numerous fronts and we keep assuring them that if things ever go that bad, you all will be collectively informed. It is in these times you notice the diversity of emotions and the solidarity that so many display.

Being in the Services Industry, Bobcares is the sum total of the intellectual capital of the ones who have worked here and the 300 plus people who are here, contributing everyday to build this company one day at a time. So, its a challenge when you have to try and understand each person’s varying mindsets.


Bobcares Partners With Magento

Magento partner

Bobcares is the leading provider of excellent Customer Support and Software Development Solutions to Datacenters, ISPs and Web Hosts. With more than 300 engineers, Bobcares directly manages over 3.5 million websites for clients all around the world.

Today announcing its partnership with Magento, Bobcares becomes South Asia’s premier Magento Community Partner and the first partner of Magento in India.

Magento is the perfect choice of an open source e-commerce software, that can help you create a fully featured online store. Magento’s conventional architecture allows easy customization towards the evolving needs of your online business.

We are indeed very happy with the partnership. It reinforces our credibility to provide top-notch Magento based solutions to our customers. Magento is an amazing piece of software and offers unprecedented control over the extensibility, content, and functionality of an Online Store. Bobcares can help you maximize the value of your Magento driven shop. explains
Ajai John, Project Manager at Bobcares.

With over 9 years of experience in the industry and dedicated to the commitment of providing the best-in-class services, Bobcares offers you a wide range of Software Development Solutions to choose from.

To find out more on Bobcares development service offerings, please visit:

Magento packages

At Bobcares, end-user delight is not a bonus, but a requirement. From start up enterprises to large corporates, whatever the project demands, we deliver!

The various Magento Plans helps in creating new e-Commerce websites with unprecedented flexibility and control. It is also suitable for replacing an existing web shop with Magento.

magento commerceiphoneMagento install

About Bobcares

Bobcares is a ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 27001 certified company that specializes in outsourced Technical Support, Server Administration and Software services for Web Hosts. Founded in 1999, Bobcares operates out of facilities in India and United States with a combined expertise of over 300 employees. Bobcares manages more than 50,000 servers.

Go Jibin Go…

It all started one morning, when Noble Joshy, Executive team member, came to know about a little boy named Jibin (full name not disclosed for privacy).

Jibin, a 13 year old, class 9 student, in the school where Noble’s mom is Headmistress, was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome. He was admitted into a local hospital and his family needed help to meet the treatment expenses and take care of him. Noble informed the Bobcares’ social help group ‘MITR’ about this.

The question here was “Could Mitr help?”.

Reeshma Ajin Koshy, the inimitable power horse of Mitr started a two day charity drive for Jibin’s cause. Money, along with a lot of heartfelt prayers and wishes poured in and Reeshma visited Jibin’s family a couple of days later.


Stepping up skills through Continual Improvement – The Bobcares way

“Boss, I’m done. I can solve all support issues that come to my queue. I know cPanel, Apache, and Qmail. I feel that there is no more challenge in work”. That was me, speaking to my boss after working as a support engineer in Bobcares for one year. His response was,

“Do you challenge yourself ? If you solved an Apache issue in 30 minutes yesterday, try to solve it in 15 minutes today and in 5 minutes tomorrow. If you gave the same solution to two tickets that came to your queue today, your success lies in making sure that such a support ticket does not come in again. If you solved 50 issues in 8 hours yesterday, you should be able to solve 55 today. Technical support is an interesting job, provided, you challenge yourself on a daily basis.”

That was an eye opener for me. Ever since that day, I started viewing my job from a different perspective. The next 7 years in this field taught me that, what I actually knew was only a small portion of this vast industry. And to add to it, there are always regular updates to the existing technologies. All these throw in a lot of challenges to the job of a technical support engineer. It is a necessity for every tech to constantly and continually innovate and improve himself, so that he is kept abreast with the latest technologies in this ever growing industry.


A Flashback on Bobcares Shared Support plans

When I joined Bobcares, we had only Shared Team technical support plans. A “Shared Team” in Bobcares handles many clients simultaneously and all with equal priority. Basically, by sharing techs with others, web hosts were able to cut down their running cost without affecting the quality of technical support.

It used to be fun those days, when all of us at Bobcares worked as a single team for all our customers. All of us knew even the intricate details of every customer, and hence we were able to deliver personalized support for each one of them. Further on, things started turning out to be a little challenging, as our customer base was always on the rise.