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How to hire the best systems administrator – Top 5 characteristics of an ideal server administrator

One of the popular questions we get asked is, “When you hire system administrators what qualities do you look for?” Instead of boring you with our recruitment format, let’s approach this question from another angle.

Since 2001, Bobcares systems administrators have managed over 75,000 servers for businesses of all sizes, playing a pivotal role in the rapid growth of many of these companies. Looking back at those success stories, the following emerge as the top traits that distinguished our server administrators.



Fun at Bobcares – With Merry Berries, every day is a day to celebrate!

The time was 7:30 am. All was set. Everyone at the front desk waited with bated breath. It wont be long now, and I should make my move.

Right on schedule, the sunshine yellow Tata Nano pulled up, and Agni stepped out for his tightly packed schedule at office. All usual smiles and hellos greeted him. He didnt notice a couple of suppressed giggles at the front desk, which were promptly put down by a smack over the heads from their co-workers.

Agni looked rushed. He seemed pre-occupied and distracted. Perfect! Probably didnt get time for his break fast either.

OK, its time!


A day for Friend-Ship

Life is never complete without friends. That’s a reason good enough to have a day dedicated to friendship. Spare a day to have fun and share good old memories with your pals.

A coffee with a good old friend is moment of joy for many. One who cherishes such a moment is probably the luckiest person on earth. If you are not really looking forward to such moments, you are truly lost! Even if that’s the case, this friendship day should change you and your life!

On this Friendship day, find time for your friends, find time for your life. An eve to celebrate the most special relationship of your life. ~ ~___/~ ~