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Bob’s World Clock crossed 15000 installs – A peek at how it was achieved

Bob’s World Clock on Nov 13th crossed a critical milestone by reaching 15,000 android users. It coincided with the release of version 2.0.6 of the app.

This is a major milestone for the app, and the development team is ecstatic about the usage stats.

Bob's World Clock

The world clock app developer Ravi Ranjan explains what makes Bob’s world clock better than others.

Success: The most coveted word in webhosting business

Every day, many new hosting companies or server administration companies join the race. Some of these succeed, but many fall by the wayside.

Others will be able to take-off to a great start, given their ample resources and capital, but will falter along the way. Some ventures may be on a shaky ground at the onset, but with perseverance and careful planning will prevail in the end.

Here we will discuss on how to help your business achieve success:


Watch your customers move up the loyalty ladder

Product differentiation is the edge in a competitive market. That being said, businesses still revolve around customer relationships. Long term success of a business relates to how quickly your customer moves up your loyalty ladder. This article is about converting your customers to die hard fans of your products and services. Watch your prospective customer climb up the loyalty ladder, becoming an advocate of your products and offerings.

The five strategies covered here are : How to >

a) Develop your core operations for a “Long Term” customer relationship.

Suppose you are designing a new product or service. (more…)

GoGreen – The first steps towards going green.

Going Green has been in the spotlight for some time now. Everywhere you look you see slogans for the cause: ‘Go Green’, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Stop Global Warming’, ‘Use Mobile, Save Paper’, ‘Recycle Mobiles’. Its heart warming to know that our precious Planet is finally getting the attention its deserves, at least at this stage, where the state of our Planet is in a steady decline. Our Planet has only a fixed amount of resources, and the current growth in population has strained a considerable part of it. It is time every one of us do our part to preserve what we have left for future generations, so that they can enjoy the same standard of living as we have.



Choosing The Right Dedicated Techs

I need a Dedicated Tech”, the client went on describing his requirements, along with pricing and a long list of preferred skill sets. One of the most important aspects that clients tend to forget in the above mentioned process is what they are looking for when they hire a dedicated tech. Is it only the technical or soft skills that matter or does the pricing too?

Working with servers is not rocket science! Not even half of these requested skills come into play often. May be once in a while, a kernel recompilation becomes essential. But does this mean, we need to hire only experts?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire individuals who have a true passion towards satisfying your customers? A person with such an attitude will be ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to see your customers, smile always.


The Comfort Zone

Every organization goes through what is known as ‘the comfort zone’. Everyday, we are in a rush to achieve goals and set targets accordingly. And what happens when we reach this target? We hit a plateau of relaxation. The state where nothing gives results inspite of the fact that we are doing everything perfectly.

The end result is usually frustration, which is followed by an inner voice that tells you that you have reached your limits and that it’s time to slow down now. “Why take additional headaches?” is what you will start thinking, and sooner or later, a negative spiral begins. In the end, the result will be disappointment.


Managing in Times of Recession

Ever since the recession has struck the World, one of the most pragmatic question in everyone’s life is, “How is it going to affect me?

We have had this question come from numerous fronts and we keep assuring them that if things ever go that bad, you all will be collectively informed. It is in these times you notice the diversity of emotions and the solidarity that so many display.

Being in the Services Industry, Bobcares is the sum total of the intellectual capital of the ones who have worked here and the 300 plus people who are here, contributing everyday to build this company one day at a time. So, its a challenge when you have to try and understand each person’s varying mindsets.


It’s all about Value

I would personally recommend Bobcares to any web hosting company out there, that is willing to give quality and affordability a chance.

As I check the Bobcares testimonial list, I wonder what makes our clients want to write these gracious comments. Besides public testimonials, we get hundreds of emails of encouragement, gratitude and examples of how our services have affected businesses and at many times, lives as well.

So what is it that customers tell us, about the “Bobcares‘ Value Proposition”? This article attempts to simply share the “Value” that Bobcares has come to represent over the last nine years.

Peace of mind – Priceless

One day, a few years back, we got an amazing email from the wife of one of our clients. She wrote about the impact that Bobcares made in her life. Before Bobcares, her husband never had time for the family, she said. He was constantly spending time on his Web Hosting business, battling technical issues, angry customers and all the crisis that never seemed to end. The children almost never got to spend time with their father. The family was floundering.


How Web Hosts can use Customer Surveys to retain customers

Yes, it’s a bad economy. We all know that. If being bombarded with bad news wasn’t bad enough, it’s even harder when this reality dawns on your own business.

How can Web Hosts or for that matter any business deal with the recession? While there are many ways, I would rather focus on one method that I have found to be effective. And that is the use of Customer Surveys.

To some, customer surveys are those boring email forms that some companies send us. Well, the variety of surveys that I am going to talk about here, is a little different. So ready to start? Here goes.

Evaluate your customer base

An effective way to stabilize your business during a recession is to really evaluate your existing customer base. Maybe you have been marketing too much in the recent past, and have not really been in touch with your customers who get shunted to your support team, once they sign up.


Reducing Support costs with Bobcares – a Business plan comparison for Web Hosts

Reducing Support costs with Bobcares – a Business plan comparison for Web Hosts

If you were to glance through any Web Hosting Business plan, you’ll notice a prominent operational expense for Technical Support. Staff cost is usually the Number One operational expense for a Web host, which is followed by Server purchases and Bandwidth.

Why? This is because any decent Web Host provides 24×7 technical support to customers, via email and phone. A good Web Host needs to have someone with server administration skills to conduct preventive maintenance practices periodically, such as upgrades, security updates, installs and migrations.