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Bob’s World Clock crossed 15000 installs – A peek at how it was achieved

Bob’s World Clock on Nov 13th crossed a critical milestone by reaching 15,000 android users. It coincided with the release of version 2.0.6 of the app.

This is a major milestone for the app, and the development team is ecstatic about the usage stats.

Bob's World Clock

The world clock app developer Ravi Ranjan explains what makes Bob’s world clock better than others.

Sysadmin Appreciation Day – A reminiscence


The sysadmin day this year was greeted with a good measure of excitement here at Bobcares. Techs were found hanging out during coffee breaks relating tales of tech support adventures. It varied from geeky technical adventures to touchy customer support anecdotes. But regardless of the flavor of the tale, one aspect stood out in all the stories – each one of them were unequivocally proud of their job, and it felt great to be a part of this group of talented sysadmins.

Though most of us seldom realize it, the impact that we make in the world of internet is significant. Through the 24 hour vigil on servers, through the patient chat and phone sessions, through the long sessions of hand-holding for a new webmaster, through endless other interactions with the owners and users of web servers, we make the internet a less formidable place for an average dot-com entrepreneur. We make the cyber space a favored destination for profit and pleasure.

Flash, Silverlight & HTML 5

The term “Web application” refers to an software application that is coded in a browser-supported language accessed over a network and reliant on a common web browser to execution of the applications. (more…)

Want to know more about plans from Bobcares?

Bobcares sales agents now available on live chat!

Bobcares has now launched a live chat facility to answer sales queries. Want to know more about a Bobcares plan? Want to customize a plan to meet specific requirements? Go to and click on the “Live Chat” link at the top right corner of the page. A sales representative will be there to help. The sales team will be available via live chat from 9am to 5pm EDT, Mon- Fri. The “Live Chat” link will only be visible when a sales representative is available.

New Combo Plans in August!

Bobcares introduces new “Combo” plans for the month of August. After the success of last month’s Combo plans, Bobcares has introduced a new set of Combos. Starting at just $99/month, all Combos are available at a 10% discount till August 31st. To know more details about the various Combos, visit


Bobcares’ new Combo Plans

Bobcares, a leading Technical Support and Software Development Services Company introduces their new “Combo” plans, along with amazing discounts available all through the month of July 2010!!! If you are looking for a complete and professional support solution for your end customers and are worried about the health of your servers then look no further! These Combo plans include Voice, Helpdesk, Chat and Server Administration support packages! With prices starting at just $117/month!!!