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Outsourcing help desk support? Use SMART metrics to measure support quality

Outsourcing help desk support? Use SMART metrics to measure support quality

Many server owners often tend to see a help desk system just as an interface between the customers and the company and ignore the fact that it is in fact, a treasure box full of data.

Web hosts who look out for ways to cut cost and run leaner, should focus on outsourcing help desk services to industry experts, who would help you take the apt business decision based on your help desk data.


5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

Customer retention doesn’t come easily. Customers are always on the look out for better services. To ensure that your customers stay with you always, you need to maintain the service quality throughout.

The biggest challenge that web hosts face, is to keep their customers satisfied as days go by. There are a variety of aspects that should be taken care of, for this. Web server maintenance is the topmost of them.

Get your business to the top with ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

Get your business to the top with ‘Remote infrastructure management services’

Many large IT organizations are spread across different locations and data centers, for redundancy and uptime requirements. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Services helps to efficiently manage this IT infrastructure from a remote location.

RIM helps small and medium businesses too, for managing their infrastructure with the help of remote service providers. The main advantage they gain from this is, expert server management at affordable pricing.

Bobcares, the largest outsourced web hosting support & service provider, offer Remote Infrastructure Management Services” to web hosts and other online businesses in any part of the world.


Guide to effective phone support

You call tech support and you are put on hold, listening to awful hold music for what seems like forever. When you finally get connected to an agent, you are asked unrelated questions, and instructed to go to a web form and submit a ticket.

Or worse, you only got an answering machine. Let’s face it, we’ve all probably been there. We got the run around or simply no phone support at all, when you needed it the most.

What about your business? Do you offer phone support? If not, why? And if you do, do you have a performing team? Is it setting you apart from the competition?

How are you managing calls and measuring your phone team’s performance? Below are some ideas to ‘grease the bearings’ on your thinking wheel: (more…)

Watch your customers move up the loyalty ladder

Product differentiation is the edge in a competitive market. That being said, businesses still revolve around customer relationships. Long term success of a business relates to how quickly your customer moves up your loyalty ladder. This article is about converting your customers to die hard fans of your products and services. Watch your prospective customer climb up the loyalty ladder, becoming an advocate of your products and offerings.

The five strategies covered here are : How to >

a) Develop your core operations for a “Long Term” customer relationship.

Suppose you are designing a new product or service. (more…)

How to Ensure Quality in your Email Support

Support plays an important role in the hosting industry. So if you are a web host, it is important that you ensure quality in the support provided to your customers.

Nowadays, a variety of communication media are provided to customers to interact with their web hosts like, Email/HelpDesk support, Chat support, Phone support etc. This article covers a few points that web hosts should focus on to ensure quality in their email/helpdesk support.


APS- A Blessing To The Hosting Industry

With the “Cloud” rapidly becoming an integral part of the internet now, I am sure that most of us have at one point or the other used a cloud application. To make the hosting of software products in cloud easier, options are being explored to implement them in the SaaS model. Providing software products in the SaaS model is how the internet will be, in the future.

Software as a Service model is now playing a major role in defining the hosting industry too. The APS standard from Parallels is a perfect platform for delivering software in the SaaS model. As a web host, what will set you apart in today’s competitive hosting market is not the hardware or the bandwidth, but the applications you provide your customers.


Choosing The Right Dedicated Techs

I need a Dedicated Tech”, the client went on describing his requirements, along with pricing and a long list of preferred skill sets. One of the most important aspects that clients tend to forget in the above mentioned process is what they are looking for when they hire a dedicated tech. Is it only the technical or soft skills that matter or does the pricing too?

Working with servers is not rocket science! Not even half of these requested skills come into play often. May be once in a while, a kernel recompilation becomes essential. But does this mean, we need to hire only experts?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hire individuals who have a true passion towards satisfying your customers? A person with such an attitude will be ready to go above and beyond the call of duty to see your customers, smile always.


How To Develop Good Support Technicians

Support technicians are the backbone of a web host. Almost all web hosts go for outsourced technical support. Every company should have a team of efficient and competent support professionals to become successful and stay one-step ahead, always.

This article covers a few points on developing good support technicians.


The Comfort Zone

Every organization goes through what is known as ‘the comfort zone’. Everyday, we are in a rush to achieve goals and set targets accordingly. And what happens when we reach this target? We hit a plateau of relaxation. The state where nothing gives results inspite of the fact that we are doing everything perfectly.

The end result is usually frustration, which is followed by an inner voice that tells you that you have reached your limits and that it’s time to slow down now. “Why take additional headaches?” is what you will start thinking, and sooner or later, a negative spiral begins. In the end, the result will be disappointment.