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Staying safe on the Internet

After coming to know that someone has used her credit card to buy iPhone, a friend of mine remorsed “I always knew that it was not safe to use the same password in all websites, but then I did so, thinking that it won’t happen to me!”. She realized she was terribly wrong and now it is a bit too late for her.

It is very natural that people tend to use same password everywhere and I am no exception. I am trying to evaluate the situation and venturing on to identifying possible solutions through this article. (more…)

Web Hosting Industry from Experience : Changes over the years and the Future. Mitch Keeler of speaks with Poornam Media

The Web Hosting industry has been around for about ten years now and is still in its evolution. Constant changes are happening in the industry today and right now it’s tough to say where we are heading to. The dynamicity of this business is what keeps it going. Innovations are always on the rise in this ever changing and competitive field.

As more and more people enter the fray, it’s becoming necessary for the web hosts to differentiate through quality of service, reliability, and price point. The amount of “Net savvy” customers has increased to a large extent and there are a lot of people out there who wants to know more about this ever evolving industry.

Mitch Keeler is today known as one of the Webhosting Industry’s experts and an excellent technology writer. He has been a leading contributor to the industry and has always made it a point to leave his marks in the field as he goes. Mitch loves explaining the Web hosting world in such a way that even the average people can really understand and wrap their minds around this business.


“Online Business and Security, Copyrighted Property” – David Snead speaks with Poornam Media

Doing an online business requires almost the same or potentially higher legal risks as operating in the real world. These risks take many forms like copyright infringement, trademark infringement, copyright ownership, Privacy, liability and intellectual property issues, just to name a few. Professional legal advice from a legal expert is the most important when choosing the structure for your business.

Poornam Media Representatives, Linta Mathew and Kichu Mubarak covered an exclusive interview with David Snead, E-commerce Attorney & Internet Lawyer. He is referred to as Web Hosting’s best-known legal expert. The conversation offers a credible legal perspective on actions in the Web hosting business and general developments in legislation. A special mention and thanks to Neetu Elsa Ninan who helped us to compile a good set of questions. Read through…


“Pay attention to your freedom instead of self-serving forecasts” – Richard M Stallman speaks with Poornam Media

January 10th 2008 was special for Bobcares in two ways. The day saw the release of Bobcares’ first open source software venture vTonf. The second speciality was the visit of Dr. RICHARD MATHEW STALLMAN, Founder of Free Software Movement, who did the honours by releasing the software and addressing Bobcares. It was indeed a dream come true for every BOB.

Poornam Media Representatives, Vinu Deena Mathew and Kichu Mubarak covered an exclusive interview with Dr. Stallman. The conversation between them and RMS elicited a lot of information. A special mention and a huge load of thanks to Amit James and Unni Krishnan, who helped us compile a good set of questions. Read through…