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Fun at Bobcares – With Merry Berries, every day is a day to celebrate!

The time was 7:30 am. All was set. Everyone at the front desk waited with bated breath. It wont be long now, and I should make my move.

Right on schedule, the sunshine yellow Tata Nano pulled up, and Agni stepped out for his tightly packed schedule at office. All usual smiles and hellos greeted him. He didnt notice a couple of suppressed giggles at the front desk, which were promptly put down by a smack over the heads from their co-workers.

Agni looked rushed. He seemed pre-occupied and distracted. Perfect! Probably didnt get time for his break fast either.

OK, its time!


Sysadmin Appreciation Day – A reminiscence


The sysadmin day this year was greeted with a good measure of excitement here at Bobcares. Techs were found hanging out during coffee breaks relating tales of tech support adventures. It varied from geeky technical adventures to touchy customer support anecdotes. But regardless of the flavor of the tale, one aspect stood out in all the stories – each one of them were unequivocally proud of their job, and it felt great to be a part of this group of talented sysadmins.

Though most of us seldom realize it, the impact that we make in the world of internet is significant. Through the 24 hour vigil on servers, through the patient chat and phone sessions, through the long sessions of hand-holding for a new webmaster, through endless other interactions with the owners and users of web servers, we make the internet a less formidable place for an average dot-com entrepreneur. We make the cyber space a favored destination for profit and pleasure.

World Environment Day @ Bobcares

What could be better than celebrating World Environment Day in God’s Own Country, Kerala?

Like any other day during the monsoons, it was drizzling on the morning of 5th June 2011. The entire Cochin unit of Bobcares was highly excited with a sense of responsibility that poured on them. Every engineer came to office in a blue/green attire to support the cause.

The day began with a pledge, everyone standing united to take the pledge. (more…)

Go Jibin Go…

It all started one morning, when Noble Joshy, Executive team member, came to know about a little boy named Jibin (full name not disclosed for privacy).

Jibin, a 13 year old, class 9 student, in the school where Noble’s mom is Headmistress, was diagnosed with Nephrotic syndrome. He was admitted into a local hospital and his family needed help to meet the treatment expenses and take care of him. Noble informed the Bobcares’ social help group ‘MITR’ about this.

The question here was “Could Mitr help?”.

Reeshma Ajin Koshy, the inimitable power horse of Mitr started a two day charity drive for Jibin’s cause. Money, along with a lot of heartfelt prayers and wishes poured in and Reeshma visited Jibin’s family a couple of days later.