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Best hosting support – 3 core qualities in techs that make the difference

What distinguishes the best hosting support? Is it technical expertise? Communication skills?

Bobcares provides outsourced technical support for hundreds of web hosting companies, and over many years, we’ve seen 3 core qualities that marks the best team.


5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

5 Best Practices to provide an efficient web server maintenance service

Customer retention doesn’t come easily. Customers are always on the look out for better services. To ensure that your customers stay with you always, you need to maintain the service quality throughout.

The biggest challenge that web hosts face, is to keep their customers satisfied as days go by. There are a variety of aspects that should be taken care of, for this. Web server maintenance is the topmost of them.

4 major ingredients of the best outsourced technical support team

4 major ingredients of the best outsourced technical support team

Web hosting industry is highly competitive. A hassle free website experience is what every customer wants. Even a single prolonged downtime can shoo away your customers and ruin your business.

Customers are constantly on the lookout for providers who can offer something better than what they already have. To stay ahead in business, you have to be the best in industry always.

Top quality outsourced technical support team at affordable pricing – that’s indispensable for every web host who wants to gain an upper hand in the industry.


Hosting Choice – Linux Vs Windows

When choosing a web hosting operating system, there is always a struggle as to which one – Linux and Windows – will provide the best web hosting solution. Just like your desktop or laptop requires an operating system to work and run applications, your web server too needs an operating system that can manage various applications on both a multi-user and multi-tasking basis. If you already have a preference while choosing the OS for your web hosting, you decide it accoringly. The OS of the server that will be hosting the client’s web site is important for a number of reasons. The operating system has an effect on server uptime and reliability, hosting price, the amount of administration the client has to put into the site and server, the applications that can be used on the site and much more. Just because your PC runs on windows does not mean you need to buy a hosting package that uses Windows servers. There are other options out there-this article is not about proving that one OS is better or worse than another, a guldline to choose the right one.


How To Develop Good Support Technicians

Support technicians are the backbone of a web host. Almost all web hosts go for outsourced technical support. Every company should have a team of efficient and competent support professionals to become successful and stay one-step ahead, always.

This article covers a few points on developing good support technicians.


Think like your customers: The best way to make them happy!!

“If you want to make your customers happy, you should start thinking from their perspective!”

This is something that my boss always tells me and insists me to do. And it really works! To give the best solution to the customer, you should thoroughly understand his business and what he expects from his support personnel.


Cloud Computing – Is it really changing the World?

Cloud Computing is the network storage of your software applications and data in secured sites. Its main theme is to satisfy the fast growing computing needs of the users.

Some of the major examples are Google Docs and Google Apps which provide common business applications online and accessible from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on their servers. (more…)

Groom your Technical Support Team for Efficient Working

The efficiency of a support team is quite often measured by the average number of tickets being handled by the team per shift. Depending on the variety of problems that the team handles, the number of tickets can vary in various shifts. However, there are certain measures that a team can effectively follow to maintain their efficiency and also improve performance.

Through this article, I would like to emphasize on a few such measures that every team needs to focus on, for efficient working.

  Understand the problems quickly

“Easier said than done”, is what would have gone through your minds now. But, let me tell you a few things that are involved in understanding support tickets quickly.


The Future of Computing and Mobile Devices

Over the last 15 years, I have seen a definite and steady move from Desktop Computing to Web Computing. Applications that ran on the desktop made a shift towards web applications. Words such as SaaS (Software as a Service) started being used by large and small software companies to sell their applications to a wider Internet audience.

And now, I see the shift from this towards Mobile Computing. A rich client side application running on a mobile device such as an iPhone, attracts users because of the sheer convenience of use. No longer do I need my computer to access popular applications such as Twitter or Flickr.

Here are the things I now use my mobile device for:
  Check Twitter feeds and Facebook,
  Use my bank account, even to transfer funds,
  Check my email, search and browse,
  Upload photos to Flickr,
  Use Salesforce on the go (Helps me check on sales straight away),
  And much much more.


A Team – The Making!

Team activities play an indispensable role in the growth of an organization. A set of well co-ordinated team activities help an organization achieve its goals faster and to aim greater heights.

Well, what exactly is Team Activity? How can we define it and what are the factors concerning it?

These are a few questions that come to our mind when we think about a Team in general. A Team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. In the process, each person is assigned different responsibilities. Real team work happens when each person starts contributing more to the team in one way or the other, in addition to performing their assigned responsibilities. For example, document the solution to a new problem that was encountered within the team and share it with everyone.