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World Environment Day 2014 at Bobcares

World Environment Day was observed with much fanfare today at Bobcares Cochin campus. This is the 4th consecutive year WED is observed at Bobcares. To mark the occassion, tree saplings were planted in the campus by our latest batch of tech support engineers.

One of the engineers, Twinkle Shaji, who planted a sapling said, “We usually read about Environment Day and forget about it as new priorities comes up. I’m really happy to have taken an active role in the events today, and for sure I’ll carry the message of energy conservation to all my friends and family.”

World Environment Day Bobcares 2014


Bobcares’ specials for December

Bobcares introduces its Live Chat support package this December. This white labeled chat support option, allows you to provide your customers with real-time responses to any queries they may have. This Christmas, Bobcares is also offering a 30% discount on the setup fees for its popular Proactive Server Mangement package.


Guess whos coming to town?

Mails have already started to circulate in office. Committees being formed to plan and organize events. So there’s definitely a buzz in the air. Yes, its Christmas time again!

Flashes of red, white and green are definitely starting to lift everyone’s spirit. So we thought we’d do our part in sharing the spirit of Christmas with you too, and have tweaked our theme just a bit, in the hopes that it will help brighten your day. Here wishing you happy holidays, and hoping you’ve been good…cause you know who’s coming to town!

Have you checked your site on a mobile device?

If you haven’t, you should. You’d be surprised at how different it looks, not to mention the loss of functionality. A research recently conducted by 1&1, one of the largest web hosting companies in the world, shows that 50% of the companies they questioned had never checked their site on a mobile device. Its time they woke up and smelled the Apples.


Kerala Piravi

The Bobcares’ India facility is located at Kochi city in the state of Kerala, and today, we celebrated the 54th “Kerala Piravi“, the day the state of Kerala was formed.

(more…) Refreshed!

If you haven’t seen the changes yet, make sure you hit the refresh button a couple of times… now has a new look! and so does our Blog! We’ve always felt like an open book…and now we look like one too! We are firm believers in change…and change is a good thing!


System Administrator Appreciation Day

As a Webhost, I’m sure you’ll know more than your share of System Administrators, so take a moment today to thank them or maybe even send them a gift(wink wink)…cause today is “System Administrator Appreciation Day”. Its held on the last Friday of July, and this is its 11th year. A System Administrator is usually not someone you’d contact when everything is running fine, they are always contacted when there is a problem or something that needs to be done. So just for today, make a call, or open a support ticket and just say “Thank you”, I’m sure it will make that System Administrators day! 😉


World Oceans Day 2010

When I asked my colleagues to take a moment away from their daily routine and think about our Oceans and suggest ways by which we could preserve them, I expected some silly replies like “we are not oceanographers” or “we have other technical issues to discuss”. But to my surprise, they were all actually quite worried about the current environmental issues and they actively participated in a discussion on this subject. Bobcares has always been proud of its human assets, now I know why!! They are not merely techies, but socially responsible individuals who worry about the greens of the land and blues of the oceans fading away. Read on to find out more about what we talked about.


How to save for future

United Nations has declared 2010 as the “International Year of Biodiversity“. This ‘World Environment Day’, we have an opportunity to convey the importance of bio-diversity; in the well-being of our planet. Let this day highlight the achievements of Human race to safeguard our ecosystem. Let’s channelize our efforts for preserving the biodiversity of our planet.

The Human race and our economy is integrated to the ecology in entirety! Our society is totally dependent on the ecosystem for various ‘resources’. Resource – the terminology we constantly use for the services rendered by the ecosystem.


Earth Hour at Bobcares

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and the movement has been growing ever since! It is observed for 60 minutes each year on the last Saturday of March. This year it was on March 27th from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time. This is the second time Bobcares observed Earth Hour, and we are committed to supporting it for as long as it takes!