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Plesk Onyx Repair – A tool to fix Mysql, DNS, FTP and more

Hosting a website isn’t always smooth sailing. You can occasionally land in troubled waters such as DB corruption, mailbox errors, etc.

At Bobcares, our Dedicated Support Engineers often resolve such data corruption issues using native commands like mysqlcheck, myisamcheck, etc.


5 steps to solve “bad gateway” error in Plesk

I can’t access my Plesk panel. It shows a “Bad gateway” error. Something is wrong with my system. Please help!!

That was a recent support ticket we received at our Outsourced Technical Support services where we resolve support queries for web hosting providers.

Customer tried to login to his plesk panel. But, he was kicked out with the error “502 Bad Gateway“.

What can be the problem here?


Plesk Onyx Backup – What options to choose?

Losing website data is really critical, when your business reputation depends largely on the online presence.

Therefore, it comes handy to have proper website backups during server hacks, hard disk crashes etc.

Control panels like Plesk Onyx provides different  options to configure these backups and the choice depends on the requirements of server owner.

As part of our Dedicated Support Services, we help server owners to backup their data periodically and help them restore websites during server hacks.

Today, let us discuss the Plesk Onyx backup utility and the common errors and their fixes.



Plesk WebDAV – Here’s everything that you need to know!

Control panels like Plesk offer many file transfer options like File Manager, FTP, WebDAV etc.

And the choice depends on the upload requirements of each user.

Uncommon, but convenient, WebDAV supports features like file locking, user restrictions etc.

Plesk WebDAV users often find the initial setup confusing and run into problems with access of files.

That’s why, we often get WebDAV related queries from website owners as part of our Outsourced Technical Support for Web Hosts.

Today, let’s discuss more details on Plesk WebDAV feature.


Migrating emails to Plesk – Here’s how to do it

Migrating the entire domain is pretty easy with Plesk Migration tool.

At times, when customer changes only their email provider, there is a need to migrate only email contents.

Doing this selective migration may not be easy and often end up in broken email accounts.

At Bobcares, we help website owners to do selective migration as part of our Dedicated Support Services for Web Hosting providers.

Today, we’ll discuss the steps involved in migrating emails under the domain to a Plesk server.