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How to scan server for malware

How to scan server for malware

Google blacklists up to 6,000 websites EVERY DAY for serving malware. Almost all of these sites are classified as “compromised sites”, which means it was infected with malware without the knowledge of the site owner.

A malware infection could lead to loss in SEO ranking, and business reputation. Building back the site traffic could take weeks, if not months.


Linux server hardening – Shield your servers from 3 kinds of threats

Linux server hardening – Shield your servers from 3 kinds of threats

Every web server has two environments associated with it – internal (software and users) and external network. An undetected threat in any of these areas can pose a security menace to your server.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, we perform Linux sever hardening to protect our customers’ servers. Today we’ll see the 3 categories of server threats which we tackle in our services. (more…)

Server security monitoring – Why do it, and what to monitor

Server monitoring services are a dime a dozen. You get an alert when a service (HTTP, SMTP, etc.) goes down. But is that enough for you to keep your server safe and secure?

What if your server is vulnerable to a new software bug, or what if someone is trying to brute force your password? Wouldn’t you want to know, and take action?

That is why Server Security Monitoring is important. (more…)

LFD saying “Suspicious process running under user XXXX”? Here’s how we fixed it

Here at Bobcares, our Dedicated Support Engineers maintain servers of web hosts, web designers, and other online businesses.

In cPanel and Plesk servers, a common error we see from LFD (Login Failure Daemon) is Suspicious process running under user XXXX. (more…)

How to prevent mod-security 403 server errors in webhosting servers

How to prevent mod-security 403 server errors in webhosting servers

[Fri Jul 15 16:03:06 2016] [error] [client 91.***.**.**] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403, [Rule:'ARGS|!ARGS:/page_content/|!ARGS:file|

This is a common error faced by web hosts, website owners and server owners. It means that the mod-security rules in the web server are blocking access to the users who try to access any URL in their site. (more…)

CBL blacklist removal – How to kill botnet malware & delist your IP

SpamHaus CBL or Composite Blocking List is a list of IPs that is known to send spam, or is found to have a bot infected website.

Here at Bobcares, we help website and server owners delist blacklisted IPs, and maintain their servers to prevent future infections or blacklisting.

Most CBL blacklist removal requests begin by site owners reporting either a bounced mail or a failed website scan. (more…)

Server Management and Monitoring – 5 tips to do it right

These days you can get a server from AWS or Azure in as little as 15 minutes.

And not surprisingly, many business owners now use a VPS or Cloud instance to host their website or business apps.

The trouble is, these servers are sold as “unmanaged” instances, and the burden of Server Management & Monitoring falls on the server owner. (more…)

What is Linux Server Auditing, and how to do it

According to surveys, 68% of the internet runs on Linux. So, if you have a website, chances are that it runs on a Linux server.

From big cloud providers to small VPS hosters, everyone sells Linux servers by default.

The trouble is, a lot of website owners are not familiar with Linux as they use Windows or iOS in their laptop.

This unfamiliarity leads to a poorly maintained server that becomes vulnerable to malware, hackers and resource bottlenecks. (more…)

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