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Naxsi vs ModSecurity – Which is the best for me?

Cyber criminals hack nearly 50000 websites a day!

That is why, most Web Hosts need to enable firewall programs like ModSecurity, NAXSI etc. to defend these server hacks.

Although both of them are free, the choice of Naxsi vs Modsecurity depends largely on the server configuration.

At Bobcares, we help server owners to choose and configure these web application firewall programs as part of our Dedicated Support Services for Web Hosts.

Today, let’s discuss on the pros and cons of NAXSI and ModSecurity.


Migrating emails to Plesk – Here’s how to do it

Migrating the entire domain is pretty easy with Plesk Migration tool.

At times, when customer changes only their email provider, there is a need to migrate only email contents.

Doing this selective migration may not be easy and often end up in broken email accounts.

At Bobcares, we help website owners to do selective migration as part of our Dedicated Support Services for Web Hosting providers.

Today, we’ll discuss the steps involved in migrating emails under the domain to a Plesk server.



ClamAV Directadmin Integration – Here’s how to do it

All Web Hosts need a mechanism to defend malware and virus attacks on their servers.

One of the popular choices is ClamAV. It is a free antivirus tool that helps to scan emails on DirectAdmin servers.

But, the downside is that, it works mainly via command line. So, the installation and maintenance may appear complicated to any average user.

At Bobcares, we help server owners to easily install and maintain ClamAV on their servers as part of our Dedicated Support Services.

Today let us discuss on how we install and set up ClamAV on DirectAdmin server.


DirectAdmin change server IP : A perfect approach

Web hosting servers often need IP address change due to network restructuring, Spam blacklisting, change of service provider, etc.

This IP change affects all services on the server. A mistake in the whole process can cause downtime for all the domains hosted on the DirectAdmin server.

At Bobcares, we help server owners accomplish these server administration tasks as part of our Dedicated Support Services.

Today, we’ll see the steps to change server IP on a DirectAdmin server with least downtime.


Quick fix for “email address rejected by server” error in your iPhone

Convenience at your finger tips – That’s why mobile devices are now widely used for sending and receiving emails.

But when email errors pop up, it can be a nuisance for users. At Bobcares, we resolve many email errors as a part of our Technical Support Services for web hosting companies.

One such email error is “email address rejected by server” that is seen when iPhone or iPad customers try to send mails from their Apple devices.

Today, we’ll see the main reasons why users get “email address rejected by server” error and how we help to resolve it.


How to fix email error “550 permanent failure blocked”

Please help! When I send mails to two of my friends, one of them never receives it and I get a mail bounce.

That was a recent support request that we received at our Outsourced Tech Support Services, where we resolve support queries for web hosting providers.

The hosting user kept on getting the error “550 permanent failure for one or more recipients” from one of her contacts.

Why did this happen? Let’s dive into the details:


How to fix “SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.”

Emails play a crucial role in online businesses. It can be bothersome when emails stop working. You may lose an urgent invite or important notification.

As part of our Dedicated Support Services, we help website owners configure email services for their businesses and assist server owners to fix email errors.

One such commonly encountered error is “SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.” Today we’ll see what causes that error and how we fix it.


Sender verification callouts – The Pros and Cons of using this feature!

Spamming is an ongoing nuisance for mail server owners. It can mess up your mail servers and tamper with valid mail deliveries.

Server owners try to combat incoming spamming in various ways. Mail server tweaks and anti-spam software are some prominent ways of fighting spam.

As part of our Dedicated Support Services, we help server owners protect their servers from both incoming and outbound spamming.


5 causes for “SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO” error, and the fixes

Email errors can be really bothersome – they can hit you hard and unexpected, when you attempt to send an urgent mail.

As part of our Outsourced Hosting Support services for web hosting providers, we resolve email errors faced by website owners. (more…)