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6 reasons for Nginx upstream error – How to fix it?

Nginx is the all-time favorite webserver and reverse proxy server for high traffic websites.

It stays strong under high traffic, and help achieve high uptime.

But like any other server, Nginx too is susceptible to configuration and connection issues that cause nginx upstream errors.

Result is website downtimes and in turn, negative impact on SEO.

502 bad gateway” is one such common nginx upstream error.

At Bobcares, engineers at our 24/7 monitoring service monitor the servers and quickly resolve such nginx upstream errors.


How to fix “Error: RCPT TO not accepted from server!” Opencart error

Large store owners often set up their store with SMTP mail function to improve mail delivery rate and avoid spam problems.

This function works well in most sites, but sometimes, this can conflict with server configuration and results in an error.

Error: RCPT TO not accepted from server! in system/library/mail.php” is one such reported issue by Opencart store owners when they send message from contact forms or feedback forms.

As a part of our Outsourced Technical Support for webhosts, we routinely resolve such errors faced by website owners.


How to fix “550 no mailbox by that name is currently available” email error

Email errors can be quite confusing.

550 no mailbox by that name is currently available” is such an error. It says that there’s no mailbox by that name, but you KNOW it exists. You can’t argue with a machine. It can be very frustrating.

At Bobcares, we often resolve such email errors as a part of our Technical Support Services for web hosting companies.


Solutions for ‘error 15 file not found’ in CentOS servers

Kernel updates are vital for security and feature additions. But if not performed with caution, these updates can render your server unavailable or down.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support services for web hosts, kernel updates are a commonly performed task in servers.

Today, we’ll discuss the error ‘Error 15: File not Found’ that occurs in CentOS servers when trying to boot after changes in grub.


Server security monitoring – Why do it, and what to monitor

Server monitoring services are a dime a dozen. You get an alert when a service (HTTP, SMTP, etc.) goes down. But is that enough for you to keep your server safe and secure?

What if your server is vulnerable to a new software bug, or what if someone is trying to brute force your password? Wouldn’t you want to know, and take action?

That is why Server Security Monitoring is important. (more…)

Prestashop Error 500 – Top 7 reasons, and how to fix them

“500 Internal Server Error” or plain “Internal Server Error” is common in Prestashop installations.

As a Server Administration Service provider, we’ve seen a wide range of reasons for this error in Nginx servers, Apache, IIS, LiteSpeed and more.

It can range from Memory limits and File permission issues to obscrure Deadlock errors and Cache issues. (more…)

CBL blacklist removal – How to kill botnet malware & delist your IP

SpamHaus CBL or Composite Blocking List is a list of IPs that is known to send spam, or is found to have a bot infected website.

Here at Bobcares, we help website and server owners delist blacklisted IPs, and maintain their servers to prevent future infections or blacklisting.

Most CBL blacklist removal requests begin by site owners reporting either a bounced mail or a failed website scan. (more…)