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Upgrade CentOS 5 in your servers with Zero downtime

Upgrade CentOS 5 in your servers with Zero downtime

OS upgrades can get cumbersome at times, causing server down time or improper web site functioning. That is often the reason why some hosting providers shy away from upgrading their server OS in a timely manner.

But updating the server OS to the latest stable version is vital to protect it from hacks and vulnerabilities. That’s why, at Bobcares, our security experts stay alert to vulnerability updates and latest versions of all server software and applications. (more…)

How to perform cPanel to cPanel migration with zero downtime

Our Dedicated Server Engineers support the server infrastructure of hundreds of hosting companies around the world.

We perform server migrations very often for these companies in response to hardware failure, infrastructure upgrade sor even security incidents.

One common hosting platform we support is cPanel. In this post, we’ll discuss host best to perform cPanel to cPanel migration. (more…)

How we perform flawless cPanel to Plesk migration for your webhosting servers

How we perform flawless cPanel to Plesk migration for your webhosting servers

Performing server migrations play a critical role in our Outsourced Tech Support services for web hosting companies. A business expansion or need for enhanced security, anything can trigger a server migration.

cPanel and Plesk are the major control panels used in web hosting servers. As a result, migrating accounts from cPanel to Plesk or vice versa, is a commonly scheduled task by our dedicated support techs. (more…)

How to migrate your domain with zero down time and data loss

I have come across several domain migration issues in Web hosting industry. The common issues are the high down time of around 12 – 48 hours experienced while domain transfer and also the data lost during the migration process. In this article I am focusing on how to achieve domain migration with zero down time and also to avoid the data loss. The article is valid for domains hosted under cPanel Linux servers.

Server migration with ZERO downtime

This is an article that helps you to perform a server migration with zero downtime for the sites. This is applicable for cPanel linux servers. Important things that should be checked before doing a server migration are:

Panel less migrations

As we all know, server migration is the process of moving websites hosted on legacy systems to more robust and feature-rich systems. In most cases both the source and destination servers are installed with some control panels and many of these control panels provide tools in order to do this migration automatically. But there are times when we come across situations where both the source and destination servers are not installed with any control panels. Hmm, getting worried? No fear. I’ll guide you through this process and it will be as easy as breeze (well, literally!). (more…)

My experience with SmarterMail

Last week, I had the privilege of migrating accounts and emails from Smartermail5.x off a Windows 2005 server to Smartermail7.x in a Windows 2008 server. I had very little experience with Smartermail and felt challenged, when I was assigned the task. Started the migration, and it seemed effortless and fairly simple. It was just a matter of copying files and folders from one server to the other. Much of the task was simplified, since I referred to a well written How To here

Even though the migration went on fine, I did face one major issue. None of the SMTP, POP or IMAP ports were accepting any connections and the result was ‘no service at all’. At first, I thought it was a firewall issue. I configured rules to allow all the needed ports in the server firewall, but the issue stayed. Finally, I could see that the service was still binding to the old servers’ IP address. This has to be manually edited in the mailconfig.xml file and once the change was made, a restart of the smartermail service did the trick.


Moving on to Cloud

In today’s economy, Cloud Computing offers the much needed edge and results, for many enterprises. Market as such has given way to more and more players and competitive pricing, which drives in more, to the world of Cloud computing.

The option of Cloud is enticing, since the cost involved is usually low, and it envisages best use of resources, with added flexibility and scalability when compared to conventional computing environments.


Control panels and migration

1. Webhosting

Web hosting is the business of providing the storage, connectivity, and services necessary to server for a website.

When people choose a host for their website, they are entrusting their data, their domain name and their accessibility of the site to the host. In other words, they are putting their livelihood in the hands of the host.

The web hosts attracts their customers to business by providing attractive and user friendly interfaces for administering the web sites. These interfaces called control panels, makes the site management easier for website managers of all levels of technical sophistication.