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Extend WHMCS : Create Your own WHMCS API Functions

WHMCS is an awesome piece of software, and already a hot favorite of web hosting companies. The features it provides are more than sufficient for an average host to run his business. However, the environment of each host is unique in terms of market, vendors, and operation methods. This diversity often calls for customization of the WHMCS installation. For a web host which employs an experienced developer/company, this would be an simple task.

However, for a company completely new to WHMCS, this can be a conundrum. A common gripe among novice developers is the lack of detailed documentation on create API entensions to WHMCS. With this article I hope to reach out to those hosts who are stuck with a WHMCS API customization issue.

Bob’s World Clock crossed 15000 installs – A peek at how it was achieved

Bob’s World Clock on Nov 13th crossed a critical milestone by reaching 15,000 android users. It coincided with the release of version 2.0.6 of the app.

This is a major milestone for the app, and the development team is ecstatic about the usage stats.

Bob's World Clock

The world clock app developer Ravi Ranjan explains what makes Bob’s world clock better than others.

Specialized Magento Development Services from Bobcares

Magento, the multi-featured eCommerce platform, a growing eCommerce solution that supports big and small businesses alike; Gives the site owners a greater scope to serve their customers better.

With Bobcares Magento Development Services, you can showcase your products and services as you wish. Almost all your ideas on specific design sets for your on-line store can be implemented with Magento. Being an open source software, new plugins and extensions can be easily developed and integrated to your website as and when you require. Magento stands out from its competitors due to its rich features, that supports healthy growth of your business. (more…)

Design services from Bobcares

Now order our Design services via our Website!

Bobcares, a leading Technical Support and Software Development Services Company, has released its new “Design Services” section on their website. This section offers customers a choice of its 3 most popular design services: Web Design, Logo Design and Character Design. Browse through the design portfolio section to get a taste of the amazing design talent Bobcares has to offer.