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Spring Hibernate Integration


In my last article, I explained about Spring and its features. Here I will explain more on how to Integrate Hibernate to Spring.What makes Spring stand out is the ease with which it can be integrated with the existing frameworks.

Hibernate, an open source application, is a powerful persistence technology for any kind of Application. Your Hibernate application can be very much simplified with the use of Spring Technology.


Spring: A Lightweight Application Framework for Day-to-Day business applications

What is Spring?

Spring is a Lightweight Application Framework which covers all levels of your day-to-day business applications. It helps you write, debug and maintain enterprise applications much easier and faster. It can also be integrated with other commonly used frameworks and greatly simplify your development work.

Why Use Spring?

Spring is an important integration technology and focuses mainly on providing a way to manage your business objects.
It has the capacity to leverage services from underlying runtime environment like J2EE Services. Spring is unique, for several reasons:

  • Spring is an ideal framework for test driven projects.
  • It is comprehensive and modular. It has dynamic nature. For example, you might choose it to simplify your JDBC calls or use it to manage all your business objects.
  • The Spring Portfolio , a solution for enterprise Java development is based on the Spring Framework.


Struts Hibernate Integration

This article is a tutorial on how to integrate the Struts framework and Hibernate OR mapper in a Java web based application. These days, struts and hibernate are used commonly in the web based applications to enhance performance. This tutorial recommends basic knowledge in struts and hibernate , even though its a lucid guide for the beginners.

Struts Framework Introduction:

Apache Struts Framework is developed for implementing the MVC architecture for our applications. MVC architecture will separate the Business logic , Presentation logic and the page flow controller . This will help the developer to change any components without any or less impact on each others.

Hibernate Introduction:

Hibernate is one of the popular Object Relational Mapper for java. It provides powerful ,ultra-high performance OR persistence and Database query service for java web based applications.