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How to choose the right web support company – 5 point checklist

Managing a website can be hard. To keep your site business ready, you need to routinely optimize the databases, replace bulky plugins, renew SSL certificates, upgrade software, optimize pages for SEO, and more.

That’s quite a lot of work, considering you still need to update your pages, product list and features to keep your site user friendly. But where do you get the time for all this when you have a business to run? That is why you need a dedicated expert to maintain your website.

Which leads us to the question : How do you choose a reliable website support company for your business? (more…)

Quickly fix WordPress 404 error in websites

Quickly fix WordPress 404 error in websites

WordPress is a commonly used and easily manageable CMS software for websites. But a simple configuration error can end up breaking the website.

404 error usually happens in websites when there is a broken link or missing page in it. A website with broken links would not appeal to the visitors and you’d lose business. (more…)

How to optimize Magento using admin panel tweaks

How to optimize Magento using admin panel tweaks

At the last count, more than 235,000 websites use Magento. It is by far the most popular eCommerce platform, primarily because it is feature rich and flexible. However, many Magento site owners grapple with poor page loading speeds. It leads to lost sales. However, with a proper knowledge of admin panel settings, Magento sites can be configured to load fast.


How to fix email error ‘SMTP connect() failed’ in WordPress sites

How to fix email error ‘SMTP connect() failed’ in WordPress sites

WordPress is the most widely used CMS for websites. Sending out mails from WordPress is required in scenarios such as contact form submissions or password resets.

‘SMTP connect() failed‘ is a commonly encountered error in WordPress, due to which emails fail to be send from your WordPress site.


7 causes for PrestaShop white page, and how to fix it

As an Server Administration Service provider, we often get support requests from Prestashop owners.

A common error we’ve seen is the “Prestashop white screen” or the “Prestashop blank page“.

There are many reasons for this error to happen.

Listed here are the top few causes we’ve seen, and how we’ve fixed them.


How to fix ‘503 service unavailable error’ in your websites

In our role as Server administration specialists for server owners, website errors are a commonly encountered issue that we resolve for them.

‘503 service unavailable error’ is one such website error. Recently, we were contacted by a Docker hosting provider who was getting this error in his website.


How to fix Magento error “Syntax error or access violation: 1118 Row size too large”

As a server administration company, we often get support requests from website and server owners.

Recently we were called on to fix this error in a Magento 2 server:

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation:1118 Row size too large. The Maximum row size for the used table type, not counting BLOBs, is 65535. This includes storage overhead, check the manual. You have to change some columns to TEXT or BLOBs


How to speed up Magento – Top 10 proven ways [Updated 2018]

Magento is a popular eCommerce app for a lot of reasons – it’s secure, feature rich and super stable.

BUT, it has an Achilles’ heel – Poor Speed

The default settings in Magento is not optimized for speed, and pages can take up to 10 seconds to load. (more…)

How to update WordPress version without website downtime

Are you a WordPress website owner? You’d have come across this notification in your WordPress admin dashboard atleast once – ‘An updated version of WordPress is available.’

WordPress is the most popular CMS and they often releases updates to their software, with feature updates or security patches. You’d also find an ‘Update Now’ button in the dashboard to update WordPress version in a click. (more…)

Speed up website – How the perfect server solution can boost your slow websites

A slow website does more harm to your business than good. Not only would customers abandon it, they may also share negative reviews with others.

We’ve seen scenarios where a single website slows down the entire server. In our server administration services, we often get requests to speed up websites.


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