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wp_mail() function not working? Here’s how to fix it

WordPress website owners prefer the built-in “wp_mail() function, because they can send emails easily.

But, sometimes wp_mail() function doesn’t work properly due to server security restrictions, IP blacklists, etc.

My wp_mail() function not works” is a common problem raised by WordPress owners.

At Bobcares, we resolve such WordPress errors as part of our Outsourced Technical Support for web hosting providers.


WordPress XMLRPC Attack – How to safeguard your website?

WordPress attacks increased by 74% from last year!

This alarming rate of website attacks mainly happen when the WordPress installation do not follow proper security practices.

And one of the common ways to hack such websites is by “WordPress XMLRPC Attack“.

At Bobcares, we help customers to protect their WordPress websites against common vulnerabilities as part of our Dedicated Support Services for Web Hosts.

Today, we’ll see more about WordPress XML-RPC attack and how we prevent them.



How to setup WordPress in multiple servers

Many web hosts now guarantee 99.9% uptime for their services, but that still allows up to 8.7 hours of downtime a year.

That is not a risk many companies can afford to take. For eg. Sports news websites that fail right in the middle of a superbowl may lose their loyal followers. (more…)

What is WordPress Multisite? How to make WordPress Multisite

For business with hundreds of WordPress websites, managing each one independently is a tedious task.

That’s where WordPress Multisite can make a difference.

At Bobcares, we receive many requests  to setup WordPress Multisite as a part of our Outsourced Tech Support for web hosting providers. (more…)

5 reasons for WordPress “error moving to trash” and how to fix them

WordPress is a commonly used CMS by website owners. WordPress is easy to manage and customer friendly, but it comes with its share of errors and hiccups.

One such error reported in WordPress site management is “Error moving to trash”, when site owners try to delete posts or pages via WordPress admin interface.

At Bobcares, resolving website errors for account owners is a major task we perform as part of our Dedicated Support Services.


How to fix “406 not acceptable” WordPress error

WordPress is the most popular website platform (32% of the internet on the last count), precisely because it is easy to manage.

But at times, due to certain web server restrictions, an attempt to update the site can result in the “406 Not acceptable error”.

And when website owners do not have a clue on why this error happens, they hit the panic button. (more…)

Why should you setup SMTP in WordPress? How can you do it?

WordPress uses a PHP function called “mail()” to send emails from contact forms, blog comments and store orders.

This functions well in most sites, but in some server configurations, this default mode of mail configuration won’t work.

That is where setting up SMTP in WordPress can come to your rescue. (more…)

How to fix WordPress permalinks – Top 5 causes and solutions

WordPress is a great way to build websites.

But as the app is database driven, the default URL structure is a long string of id numbers like:, which is not user-friendly.

To make links look pretty and SEO friendly, WordPress has a built-in feature called Permalinks.

When the URL structure is changed, WordPress updates a file called .htaccess and changes site settings. Usually this works well, but sometimes this fail. (more…)