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502 Bad Gateway

How to fix PHP 502 bad gateway error in websites

"My WordPress site is getting lot of bad gateways when trying to edit the back end. Please fix."


Recently, we were contacted by a customer who was getting PHP 502 bad gateway error when trying to update his website.

In our role as Technical Support Services for web hosting companies, configuring and managing the web servers for best performance, is a major task we do.

Resolving web server errors forms a part of this service. Today, we’ll see how we fix 502 gateway errors in our customers’ servers.


“502 connection failed” and other 502 errors explained – and resolved

Web servers show 502 errors when they are unable to display a requested page – due to network error, security restrictions, and so on.

502 Connection failed is one such error reported by Fiddler, a web app debugging tool.

It means that Fiddler’s request for a web page was blocked (or request delayed) by the site’s web server or firewall or load balancer, causing the request to timeout.

There could be other reasons also for this issue.

Here at Bobcares, we help website owners resolve server errors as part of our Outsourced Technical Support services.

Today we’ll go through the top causes for 502 class errors, and how to fix them.


How to fix ‘502 server error – Bad Gateway’ in web servers

How to fix ‘502 server error – Bad Gateway’ in web servers

Google forums get bombarded by customer complaints whenever they see a ‘502 server error – Bad Gateway’ in their Google applications. Though an intermittent error, it can often shoo away visitors from your website.

Bobcares helps website owners and web hosting providers fix all website and application errors, and this error is often reported at our Website Administration Services. (more…)