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“My IP is blacklisted. How to remove it?” – Experts answer

Help! My IP is blacklisted. All my mails are bouncing. How to remove it?

This is a common support request we resolve here at our Server Administration Services support desk.

Website owners wake up one day to find all their business mails bouncing, citing the reason that the server is a source of spam. (more…)

How to fix clamav update database error

How to fix clamav update database error

In our role as Outsourced server support specialists for web hosts, we secure and maintain the servers from attacks and viruses. There are several tools that come in handy, for securing various services.

ClamAV is an open source email scanning program that has an antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats in emails. ClamAV is usually integrated along with popular mail servers such as Exim.


How to protect your servers against Amnesia malware attacks

How to protect your servers against Amnesia malware attacks

Are you seeing files with any of these extensions in your server? – .01, .02, .amnesia, .[Help244@Ya.RU].LOCKED, .CRYPTOBOSS, .[].SON and .@decrypt_2017. If so, then your server is hijacked.

One of the major ransomware virus that is circulating now is the Amnesia malware. Once infected, it locks up your entire server files and encrypts them in such a way that you can no longer use them.


Anti malware security for web hosting servers – Securing Apache in cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin to avoid website blacklist

In a previous post we gave an overview on how Bobcares help desk support services has been able to prevent website blacklisting in popular website reputation lists. But that’s not all. Even PC anti-virus suites can block websites if malicious code is found in them.

Search engines and PC anti-virus like Google, Bing, Norton Safe Web or McAfee SiteAdvisor blacklists a website if malware is detected in them. Most websites are infected with malware due to insecure web apps, login details disclosure or insecure web server configuration.


How to prevent website blacklist in Google, Bing or McAfee SiteAdvisor

This site may harm your computer
The website ahead contains malware
Malware detected on

Are these some of the errors your shared hosting customers usually complain about? Are you concerned about your server security?

You are not alone. Google alone blacklists 10,000 websites daily for malware infection. In a shared hosting environment containing varied web applications with varying levels of security, malware infection is quite easy to happen. Even just one website with an outdated web application can cause that website to be blacklisted. (more…)