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Asterisk -A quick look under the hood

So you have Asterisk installed to your CentOS hardware. Now what? Let’s open up the hood and see what Asterisk can do before we do that, let’s examine some things that you need to know about Asterisk to setup and manage your Asterisk box

In a default Asterisk installation, we will want to put our configuration files in the directory: /etc/asterisk
If you want to have some Asterisk sample conf files to help guide you, you can issue the command: make samples from your Asterisk installation directory. (In my previous posts, I installed mine to /usr/src/asterisk/)


Asterisk – My Quick Installation Guide

There is a dozen other quick installation guides for Asterisk. So why write another?
Well, unless you a Unix/Linux Guru you might find yourself confused when getting your Asterisk setup off the ground. Even if you are an experienced Linux user, you might find yourself running in circles trying to get that special feature working just so in Asterisk. So here it is, a straight forward beginners guide to Asterisk.