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Softaculous is coming to town!!!

A quick analysis on the various hosting industry software, or any software for that matter will show you without any trace of doubt, that user-friendliness is one of the most crucial factors for the life and death of software.

For instance, all the control panels are the products of man’s quest to make things simpler. They wanted to make the interactions simpler. So came the auto-installers. Today, I’m here to do a little bit of comparison of the auto-installers available in the market for Control Panels.

The concept of auto-installers were introduced by Fantastico. It was a wonderful idea, of giving the power to the normal users to install and use various user applications like blogs, cms, forums, image galleries, wikis, calenders, etc.

It had a pretty decent appearance and was able to capture quite a big slab of the market. The users were happy, as they didn’t have to go for the technical support team for the installation of every other trivial software. (more…)