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configure suPHP

How to enable custom php ini in cPanel servers with suPHP using EasyApache 4

PHP is a commonly used scripting language for websites, and its configuration settings can be managed using a server-wide php.ini file.

Most shared hosting providers enforce server-wide php ini settings on all users. But some software such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. require custom PHP ini for websites. (more…)

Better process tracking using suPHP

The article explains suPHP and setting up suPHP on cPanel servers.

Constant Phishing/Spamming complaints can get extremely tiresome, and tracking down the source of the problem is not always easy. It wont be long before your IP addresses are listed on popular RBLs and your customers start complaining about mail delivery problems. To nip these problems in the bud, we have to look for better ways to track down the source of these problems. One way of better tracking processes on a cPanel server is switching to suPHP.