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How to install Nginx in cPanel server

“I just want to let you know that next week we should be getting higher amount of traffic to our site… Do you think our site can handle if there are 4000 sessions within an hour?”

Recently we were contacted by a server owner who wanted to improve his web server performance to handle 4000 requests in 60 minutes.

The customer had a cPanel server. In our role as Technical Support Services for web hosting companies, reviewing and configuring suitable infrastructure for their business, is a major task we do.

Today, we’ll see how we helped him ensure stable performance in his cPanel server with the help of Nginx web server.



cPanel – change root directory with these easy steps

Your website defines the personality of your online business. Many website owners require a lot of customization, features and tweaks to get their desired site.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support services for web hosts, account related issues or requests are one common category of tasks that we handle. (more…)

cPanel disk cleanup – How it benefits your server

Disk space critical in your server? You’d end up seeing website errors, MySQL crashing, errors while uploading files and a lot of other issues in the server.

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support services for web hosts, disk space issues are a commonly resolved issue for server owners who report service or site issues.

Today, we’ll see the different situations that cause disk space to get filled up, and how we resolve them.


cPanel MySQL optimization – How it benefits your server

1, 2, 3.. If your site still doesn’t load, it’s obviously not a good sign for your business..

Many server owners get servers with excellent specifications and wait for magic to happen. But server specs alone, cannot guarantee fast websites.

GBs of memory and GHz of CPU go wasted, if they are not optimized to suit your business purpose.  (more…)

Errors with cPanel Remote Mail Exchanger? Here’s how to fix them

Up until a few years ago, domains had both mails and websites set up on the same server.

Things have changed nowadays and many people use custom mail servers like Google, Outlook etc. to handle mails for their domains.

To make this happen, server management tools like cPanel provide a setting called “Remote Mail Exchanger”. (more…)

cPanel temporary URL – How to temporarily access your web sites!

cPanel temporary URL – How to temporarily access your web sites!

At Bobcares, we often deal with account migrations for web hosts, in our role as Outsourced Tech Support engineers. A common concern users have during such migrations is a way to verify their websites before they go live.

Today, we’ll discuss about how to temporarily access websites in two ways – Using cPanel temporary URL and local DNS hosts file – and our recommendations regarding the two options. (more…)

cPanel Nginx support – The why, what and how

Let’s clear one thing right away – cPanel doesn’t support Nginx.

But, there are ways to make cPanel work with Nginx and thereby improve server performance.

We’ll get to that in a bit. In the meantime, if you need urgent assistance with Apache load or performance issues, click here to talk to our cPanel experts. (more…)

How to fix “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” error in CloudLinux + cPanel/WHM servers

How to fix “508 Resource Limit Is Reached” error in CloudLinux + cPanel/WHM servers

Almost every webmaster starts hosting their website using a shared hosting account. It is a very cost effective method, but sharing resources with other customers can sometimes lead to slow site speed. Over the years, several methods were invented to ensure fair share of resources for everyone in a shared hosting server. One such method is resource usage limitation. (more…)

LFD saying “Suspicious process running under user XXXX”? Here’s how we fixed it

Here at Bobcares, our Dedicated Support Engineers maintain servers of web hosts, web designers, and other online businesses.

In cPanel and Plesk servers, a common error we see from LFD (Login Failure Daemon) is Suspicious process running under user XXXX. (more…)

How to resolve “Resource temporarily unavailable” error in SSH for cPanel servers

Here at Bobcares, we provide Server Administration and Maintenance services to cPanel/WHM server owners.

An error we sometimes see in cPanel servers while trying to SSH is : “Resource temporarily unavailable.”

This error is usually accompanied by the error ‘too many processes’, while trying to do ‘sudo su -‘ command, which is used to elevate the privileges of a wheel user to that of a root user. (more…)