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Dedicated IP

SSL sites on shared IP

Days are gone when we needed a dedicated IP for each website with SSL!

With Server Name Indication(SNI) extension of the Transport Layer Security protocol, it is now possible to use authentic SSL certificates for sites hosted on shared IP addresses. If you are on a Linux hosted environment, you could very well reap the benefit of the feature right away.

Key benefits

1. Reduces the cost of adding dedicated IP addresses
2. All domains can have their own SSL certificates installed

The Secure Socket Layer

SSL is the backbone of our Secure Internet. It protects your sensitive information, as it travels around the Internet and is probably the main reason for the volume of e-transactions you witness these days.

SSL ensures that information sent across Internet is encrypted, and it reaches the intended recipient safely. Its working can be put in simple terms, as converting the data into a different language before transmitting the data – A language that only the sender and recipient can understand.