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email services down time

Backup MX – A great way to quickly recover from mail failures

Backup MX – A great way to quickly recover from mail failures

These days, almost all business communications happen over email. If the mail server goes down for any reason, all mails in that server will bounce, causing significant business disruption.

For shared hosting providers, this is a major issue, as a single server hosts hundreds of businesses, and a service failure can affect all of them. During such a downtime, hosting providers are usually flooded with support requests to recover lost emails.

Is cPanel firewall issues causing frequent service downtimes? Here’s how you can protect your hosting business

If you have cPanel shared hosting servers, chances are that you will be using Config Server Firewall (CSF) and Login Failure Daemon (LFD) firewall to secure your server. While they provide great out of the box security, it’s default settings can cause Connection Timed Out errors for your customers, which are usually reported as web, email, FTP or control panel down times. Repeated occurrences of service unavailability quickly leads to poor service reputation, and account cancellations.

Faced with such a situation, most web hosts get a server administrator to do a one time firewall optimization, and believe their servers are immune to firewall issues. However, this is not true. (more…)