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Shopping for something Green?

We’ve spoken about Going Green, and the little things we can do to save our future. So as a Webhost, what else can you do? Well, for one thing, when shopping for servers, go for something Green. How will you know if the server you are looking at is “Green”? and I’m not talking about the color!


World Oceans Day 2010

When I asked my colleagues to take a moment away from their daily routine and think about our Oceans and suggest ways by which we could preserve them, I expected some silly replies like “we are not oceanographers” or “we have other technical issues to discuss”. But to my surprise, they were all actually quite worried about the current environmental issues and they actively participated in a discussion on this subject. Bobcares has always been proud of its human assets, now I know why!! They are not merely techies, but socially responsible individuals who worry about the greens of the land and blues of the oceans fading away. Read on to find out more about what we talked about.


GoGreen – The first steps towards going green.

Going Green has been in the spotlight for some time now. Everywhere you look you see slogans for the cause: ‘Go Green’, ‘Save the Planet’, ‘Stop Global Warming’, ‘Use Mobile, Save Paper’, ‘Recycle Mobiles’. Its heart warming to know that our precious Planet is finally getting the attention its deserves, at least at this stage, where the state of our Planet is in a steady decline. Our Planet has only a fixed amount of resources, and the current growth in population has strained a considerable part of it. It is time every one of us do our part to preserve what we have left for future generations, so that they can enjoy the same standard of living as we have.