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How to setup Fail2ban to avoid Postfix SASL attack ?

Email spamming can ruin the IP reputation of any server!

But, what can we do to defend against spammers ?

Here, the solution is to block common spamming methods like brute-force password attacks, dictionary attacks, etc.

Fail2ban is a commonly used tool to block brute-force attacks in mail servers like Postfix.

But, configuration errors can cause Fail2ban to let through malicious connections.

That’s why, we help server owners to properly setup Fail2ban as part of our Dedicated Support Services for Web Hosts.

Today, we’ll see how to setup Fail2ban Postfix SASL configuration and the common failure points.


Fail2Ban: how to unban IPs that are blocked?

Fail2ban is a great tool for server owners to automatically ban suspicious IP addresses in server firewall.

But, sometimes, it can block valid connections too.