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fix cryptophp

Are your cPanel/WHM or Plesk servers infected with CryptoPHP?

CryptoPHP is a well developed backdoor malware that is spread through themes for popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, etc. It runs a bot in your server, and allows remote control for the attacker controlling the botnet. The attacker can then use your server for a slew of malicious activity like spammnig, DDoS, blackhat SEO, etc. This could lead to your web servers to be blacklisted by DNSBLs / RBLs, and thereby loss of service reputation.

The threat was first published over 10 days back, but we see web servers still getting affected by this malware. Engineers at our Proactive Server Management Service mitigated this threat early on using multiple layers of protection. Here we go over the basics of detecting and mitigating this threat. (more…)