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How to fix when cPanel temporary URL is not working in Litespeed servers

In cPanel servers that are running Lightspeed web server, we recently came across an issue after the latest cPanel update. The temporary URLs to access domains (IP/~username) stopped working.

While temporary URLs are disabled in some servers to protect bandwidth and for security reasons, there are many web hosts who provide this feature to their customers. (more…)

Installing the LiteSpeed Load Balancer

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the response times of our servers. We already have various software available in the market today that can help us achieve that goal, like Nginx, LightHttpd, Litespeed etc. In my article today we will discuss on one of them in particular – LiteSpeed, and its ability to act as a Load Balancer.



Webhosts are always looking for ways to serve their sites faster. With a little bit of tweaking and testing, you can get amazing results from Apache, the current leader of the pack. But more often, people are looking for ways to improve the performance of their sites without having to get their hands dirty. For those of you running Apache that is installed along with your Control Panel, LiteSpeed is an alternative you should definitely check out.