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mail headers

Spam and Email Headers (II/II)

Hey, welcome back! I knew you wanted to know more about deciphering email headers. If you haven’t done so already, please do go through the first part of this series. In this part we’ll be looking into email headers in detail and I’ll disclose what information they hold.


Spam and Email Headers (I/II)

Hey, is spam bogging you down? Is it clogging your Inbox? Has it become a nuisance in your day to day life? Deleting them is an easy way out, but if you want to really fight spam then read on…

Wouldn’t be great if you could stop spam? To do that, it is always best to get to the root cause of a problem. In this case, spam can be stopped if you shoot a complaint to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the DataCentre from where this spam originated. Nowadays, most ISP’s have a “zero tolerance” policy against spammers. As per their policy, they can delete the spammers account, make them pay hefty fine or even send them to jail! Yet, we are to blame to, a majority of this spam goes unreported. (more…)