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Monitor Nagios using SSH

How to monitor MongoDB with Nagios XI

We can monitor a MongoDB server with Nagios using the MongoDB Server Configuration Wizard.

The information we collect by monitoring MongoDB database will help us to determine when documents are written into the database or if the size of the database is getting too large.

As a part of our Server Management Services, we help our customers with requests related to Nagios regularly.

Today, let us discuss the possible steps involved in the setup.


Configure inbound checks with Nagios – How we do it

How do we configure inbound checks with Nagios?

This is a common support request that we receive as a part of our Server Management Services. Inbound checks help in federated and distributed monitoring environments, as well as environments where the monitoring server receives passive check results from external applications and services.

Today. Let see how to configure inbound checks in Nagios XI.