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Protecting your Parallels Plesk server from SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability

Protecting your Parallels Plesk server from SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability

UPDATE 17th Oct – Some browsers like Firefox and IE 6 are reporting issues when SSLv3 is disabled. Fortunately, SSLv3 fix is available from OpenSSL, and major distros would soon be putting it to their repos. SSLv3 disabling can soon be done in a phased manner. Check comments for more info.

On Oct 14th Google published details of an SSL 3.0 vulnerability, which allows an attacker to secure session through a man-in-the-middle attack. Support for SSL 3.0 is available in all popular mail, ftp and web clients, which makes all your clients vulnerable to an exploit based on this bug. Since SSL 3.0 is an 18 year old obsolete technology, we recommend it to be disabled in all Plesk servers.
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Pro-active Server Management service at Bobcares was notified of this vulnerability on 14th, and all servers that we maintain were secured against this vulnerability by disabling CBC ciphers.

Here is a quick script for you to check if your Plesk server is vulnerable. Execute the following as root. If you get ANY cipher output, your server can be considered vulnerable. (more…)