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Good Riddance to SPAM: Effective Spam Filtering with SpamAssassin

Deleting spam everyday is a sheer waste of time and it sure is frustrating to see them take over our mailbox. Have you ever imagined how nice it would be, if your mailbox could identify these problem makers, get rid of them and help you regain the control of your mailbox?

To help our mailbox battle spam, Parallels Plesk Panel has a perfect killer on job:-SpamAssassin. SpamAssasin keeps an eye on your mailbox and uses efficient scoring heuristics to identify and snatch spam. In fact, it is very powerful and a much sought after filter which explains why it is popularly being used in other web hosting control panels too, like cPanel. So, as a web host, you might want to opt enabling SpamAssassin in the control panel, to give your customers , the best of deals.