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qmail spamming

Webhost’s Dairy : My X-mas wasn’t all just fun (part II/II)

Long time since I wrote something. I had a spamming story left half way through. Let me get to the meat of it right away…

The first step in the analysis was ascertaining the volume of e-mails still in queue. I must say Qmail is really good in handling the mail queue effectively(when compared to exim).


Webhost’s Dairy : My X-mas wasn’t all just fun (part I/II)

It was a great week of celebration and joy for me. All was good, with relatively lower volumes of ticket, and better than average sales. Yet again somehow bad things just don’t wait for season changes.

Well, I take it for granted that one should learn from mistakes. But then you need not wait untill you end up with a mistake; You could very well learn from mine 🙂