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MySQL 5.5: Advances in replication(II/II)

The MySQL replication team have been hard at work improving the features of MySQL replication. In this part, I’ll be talking about a few more features included in MySQL 5.5


MySQL 5.5: Advances in replication(I/II)

There have been many advancements in MySQL 5.5, a majority of them have been towards improving performance and scalability. InnoDB is now the default storage engine, which provides higher levels of performance and reliability than MyISAM. InnoDB 1.1 that is, a rearchitected InnoDB with many performance and scalability features over and above the built-in InnoDB in 5.1 and before. The industry switch from increasing CPU clock speed, to increasing the number of cores, left MySQL with a number of bottlenecks that prevented it from taking advantage of the extra processing cycles made available. This is no longer the case with MySQL 5.5, which takes full advantage of SMP systems. One area however, that I feel will be of particular interest to web hosts, are the advances in database replication in MySQL 5.5.