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Interesting new features in cPanel & WHM v11.28

cPanel is all set to release their next version, v11.28. If you’re running on the cPanel CURRENT tree, you can expect to receive the update today. The STABLE release is scheduled for November 17th. There are a lot of new features, but I’ll mention a few that I found most interesting.


Why disable SELinux (I/III)

The purpose of this article is to cover basic concepts and operations of administering SE Linux on an RHEL or Fedora system. This was penned to make an intro level HOWTO for getting started with SE Linux. My friend has already given an intro for this topic and I am just covering more on administering policies.

Many of us have the feeling that SELinux is too complex and forces too many changes on fundamental Linux concepts. This article covers the more basic aspects of SE Linux, and it covers topics like :

* How to use all the administrative commands that relate to SE Linux

* Difference between targeted and strict policies

* Some troubleshooting tools, that come in handy.