smartermail migration

My experience with SmarterMail

Last week, I had the privilege of migrating accounts and emails from Smartermail5.x off a Windows 2005 server to Smartermail7.x in a Windows 2008 server. I had very little experience with Smartermail and felt challenged, when I was assigned the task. Started the migration, and it seemed effortless and fairly simple. It was just a matter of copying files and folders from one server to the other. Much of the task was simplified, since I referred to a well written How To here

Even though the migration went on fine, I did face one major issue. None of the SMTP, POP or IMAP ports were accepting any connections and the result was ‘no service at all’. At first, I thought it was a firewall issue. I configured rules to allow all the needed ports in the server firewall, but the issue stayed. Finally, I could see that the service was still binding to the old servers’ IP address. This has to be manually edited in the mailconfig.xml file and once the change was made, a restart of the smartermail service did the trick.