Sysadmin Appreciation Day – A reminiscence


The sysadmin day this year was greeted with a good measure of excitement here at Bobcares. Techs were found hanging out during coffee breaks relating tales of tech support adventures. It varied from geeky technical adventures to touchy customer support anecdotes. But regardless of the flavor of the tale, one aspect stood out in all the stories – each one of them were unequivocally proud of their job, and it felt great to be a part of this group of talented sysadmins.

Though most of us seldom realize it, the impact that we make in the world of internet is significant. Through the 24 hour vigil on servers, through the patient chat and phone sessions, through the long sessions of hand-holding for a new webmaster, through endless other interactions with the owners and users of web servers, we make the internet a less formidable place for an average dot-com entrepreneur. We make the cyber space a favored destination for profit and pleasure.

System Administrator Appreciation Day

As a Webhost, I’m sure you’ll know more than your share of System Administrators, so take a moment today to thank them or maybe even send them a gift(wink wink)…cause today is “System Administrator Appreciation Day”. Its held on the last Friday of July, and this is its 11th year. A System Administrator is usually not someone you’d contact when everything is running fine, they are always contacted when there is a problem or something that needs to be done. So just for today, make a call, or open a support ticket and just say “Thank you”, I’m sure it will make that System Administrators day! 😉