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Change is a good thing

I recently stumbled upon a site I used to frequent back in college. It hadn’t changed a bit! It sure did bring back a lot of memories, but then I started thinking. Is that really good?

The feeling of nostalgia was good, but other than that, I wouldn’t want to visit it again, there was nothing “new” about it. This is a trap that many people fall into. Once they find a formula that works, they stick too it! But if you take a look at some of the big names out there, you’ll see that they didn’t stick to it..they decided to change!


Have a happy Upgrade

Linux has always been blessed. As we have a large number of people working for the betterment of the product, we’ll have bug fixes/security updates every now and then. This has got 2 sides.

  • The good part- if you keep on upgrading; you will have a more secure, bug-free product.
  • The bad part- if you never upgrade; the whole world knows the security vulnerabilities of the outdated version. I guess this could be as good as tweeting your root password.

So, we’ve got to update the systems as and when the updates arrive. But, an update once in a month will mean a reboot once a month, which will mean monthly server downtime. This is where Ksplice comes into the picture.