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Video Streaming

Adobe Flash not going out without a fight

Adobe’s Flash Player has been in the news recently, and looked like it was being shown the door by the new kid on the block – HTML5. The main difference being the while Adobe’s Flash was proprietary, HTML5 is an Open Standard. Well Flash still has, a few, Aces up its sleeve and is not about to throw in the towel just yet.


H.264: The next big thing

April 29 was pretty big day for all of us who make our living in the net. We all had the great privilege to see the arch-rivals in the industry, Microsoft and Apple, both of them supporting the same cause. Perhaps they called it in their own ways, but I call it simply, the future of Internet video- H.264.

On Thursday morning, Steve Jobs published his article “Thought on Flash” in the Apple blog. He made it very clear about Apple’s stand on Flash. Why apple will not/ is not supporting flash in their iPhones, and many more.

As soon as the article was released, folks began to tweet about Jobs article and the future of flash. The hype didn’t last long. The very afternoon, General Manager of the Internet Explorer division, Dean Hachamovitch published his thoughts on flash. Or rather, his article spoke loudly that his thoughts are “not on flash”.



Yep, Bob said it right. Any web server can be used to stream videos, using what is commonly called Pseudo-Streaming. For a more detailed answer lets first take a look at Video streaming in general.