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What is a Dedicated Support Engineer? Top 3 qualities to find the best DSE

Running an online business can be hard.

You need innovate on your core business offerings, take care of sales, run marketing campaigns, update the site, and top of it all, take care of your servers and customers.

Tech support can take up more than 50% of your productive time and can be immensely distracting.

That is why many companies hire a Support Engineer to manage their servers and to help with tech support. (more…)

A webmaster’s handbook on SSL certificates

A webmaster’s handbook on SSL certificates

In the world of eCommerce, security is paramount. Fear of fraud continues to keep millions of consumers from shopping online. SSL Certificates give you an easy, cost-effective way to protect your visitors and earn their trust. (more…)

IIS error tracing – How to use Process Monitor to diagnose IIS errors in Windows servers

IIS error tracing – How to use Process Monitor to diagnose IIS errors in Windows servers

In our role as Outsourced Tech Support for web hosts, trouble-shooting and maintaining IIS web servers is something our engineers do on a regular basis.

We’ve seen that, in Windows dedicated servers and VPS, users sometimes request assistance in troubleshooting HTTP errors. The IIS errors may not be very descriptive, and the log files may not contain all necessary information.


open_basedir restriction in effect – How to resolve access restriction error in Odin Plesk Linux servers

Occasionally website owners report the error “Warning: realpath() [function.realpath]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/path/to/file) is not within the allowed path(s)” displayed for their websites in Odin Plesk servers.

It usually happens after installing an application or a site upgrade, and causes the website to crash with this error. (more…)

Deleting a domain in Odin Plesk giving you the error “Unable to find service node for web service”? Here’s how to fix it

Deleting a domain in Odin Plesk giving you the error “Unable to find service node for web service”? Here’s how to fix it

In Odin Plesk Linux servers, deleting a domain sometimes results in the error “Internal error: Unable to find service node for web service on domain with id=XX“. It may also cause inability to access certain control panel features. (more…)

An introduction to cron and its administration from command line interface

A cron job is the first bit of magic a new webmaster would see in a web hosting account. You tell the server to run a script at scheduled times, and it gets done. Updates happen automatically, data gets filled in automatically, and mails get sent right on schedule. Its like you get your personal robo-servant.

All the modern web hosting control panels like cPanel have beautiful interfaces to add cron jobs as is shown in this WHMCS documentation, and most webmasters will be just happy to use that and be done with it.

However, if you are one of those technology loving webmasters who dream to own a VPS or a dedicated server at some time, and want to know the internal workings of the cron magic, read on.


cPanel : Adding custom Apache handlers

cPanel allows for adding custom handlers for Apache. Apache handlers specify as to how to deal with web files, and how to serve a file with a specific extension.

For instance, Apache might be configured to process all files with the file extension .pl as perl files and interpret them as Perl files. However, if you want all files with the extension .perl or say .script to be processed by Perl, you would have to set up this custom Apache handler for your site. (more…)

cPanel IP deny manager

The IP Deny feature is useful to block access to your websites from a single IP address, a range of IP addresses or even a fully qualified domain name.

The IP address(s) can be banned in the following way :

=> Single IP Address (Example:
=> Implied Range (Example:

The feature is also useful for restricting access to the site temporarily by banning all IP’s and allowing say just yours and your developer’s IP address(s). (more…)

cPanel Redirects How-to

The ability to redirect a user visiting one page to another page is something that almost all website owners would try some day. It usually starts with the need to redirect users to a temporary “under construction page”, and the list goes on endlessly. The option is used widespread to make URL’s human friendly/short and also to abstract users and bots from changes in the site-map. (more…)